5 Creative Tips for Painting Your Exterior Walls

5 Creative Tips for Painting Your Exterior Walls

5 Creative Tips for Painting Your Exterior Walls


Refreshing your exterior walls is one of the best ways to add real oomph to your home design. Your home’s exterior is the first thing your guests notice, even before your interior painting. Hence, you must be conscious of how you want to adorn your exterior walls.

Want to elevate your curb appeal in 2024? You have stumbled upon the right place. Read along as we share with you five amazing ways in which you can paint your exterior walls in a way that will stand out in your neighbourhood.

1. Pay Attention to the Scenery Outside

If you are someone who wants your home design to look cohesive with the outdoors, we recommend that you choose exterior painting colours that are inspired by the landscape around your home. For example, if you have a tropical home, you can choose hues like teal, turquoise, aqua, yellow, etc. for your outside walls. Similarly, if you have a cabin house, rustic hues like red, mahogany, chocolate brown, maroon, etc. would be ideal for your exterior walls.

2. Allow the Paint to Dry Fully

The worst mistake you can make as a first-time DIY painter is to not allow your paint to dry completely. Just like in the case of interior painting, make sure that every coat of your exterior paint dries off completely before you apply the next coat. Typically, you must keep a gap of at least four to six hours between each coat for the best results.

3. Don’t Overload the Brush

Want a smooth and even finish for your outside walls? You can now get professional-looking exterior walls if you don’t overload your painting brush and instead apply thin coats of paint. This will help you prevent paint splashes and drips and give you neat paintwork.

4. Don’t Rush the Prep Work

Take your own sweet time while preparing your surface. We recommend you consider pressure washing your walls to thoroughly get rid of the dirt, debris and dust that have built up on them. After this, you can repair the damage on the wall, remove loose paints, caulk the trims, sand and prime the walls. Remember that if you invest your time in preparing your walls nicely, they will last you longer.

5. Get Rid of Any Fungal Growth

You don’t want to paint over any fungal growth, as such a paint job is doomed from the beginning. Hence, we suggest that you inspect your exterior walls for any moulds or mildew growth. If there are any, treat them with a fungicidal wash or household bleach. After this thoroughly scrub and clean your exterior walls before you start the painting work. Feeling too overwhelmed to deal with your old exterior walls or need help with your interior painting? No worries; call the experts at AapkaPainter to help you refresh your exterior walls and breathe life into your home interiors and exteriors like never before.

The Takeaway

With the above-mentioned tips, you can ensure that your exterior painting looks chic and put together in 2024. Remember that your exterior walls are perpetually exposed to harsh environmental factors like rain, sun, storms, snow, etc. Hence, you must not hesitate to invest in premium-quality exterior wall paints for your abode.

Worried that high-quality paint will break your bank account? Fret not, we are here to ensure that you have a stress-free painting experience. Now, use AapkaPainter’s painting estimate calculator to get a precise budget for your home renovation. Their advanced painting estimate calculator will ask you for the size of the room and the type of painting you wish to carry out. Once you feed in these basic details, it will give you an accurate estimate of how much money you will need to refresh your living space this year.


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