Things you should have in a cabin or remote living space

Things you should have in a cabin or remote living space

Things you should have in a cabin or remote living space


With more and more companies allowing for remote working, choosing to live off grid is becoming increasingly possible for people all around the globe.

Living remotely, whether in a cabin or a trailer can be a relaxing and envious experience. You can avoid traffic, conglomerations of people, expensive city housing, and many more nuisance of living in a city or the suburbs.

Living off grid provides the opportunity to have the best of both worlds, you can continue with your job (if it’s an online job) and after work you can enjoy nature.

Nonetheless, living off grid in remote places can also have challenges of its own. Below you can find out important aspects to consider and items you should have.

Satelite internet

You need to stay in touch and have an alternative internet connection. Many will use their phone data as a wifi hotspot, but having satellite internet can also be a very practical option. This way you have a backup plan in case reception is bad.

Medical kit

It’s pivotal that you have a medical emergency kit with the basics in case of an emergency. From antihistamines to bandages and other important items. This will come in handy in case of a medical emergency to give you aid until medical responders arrive.

Personal defense tools

You can opt for a knife or a gun. Whether you need to scare away an animal or a dangerous intruder, having personal defense tools can help save your life as well as helping you sleep better at night, knowing you have protection. If you decide to buy a gun make sure to have ammo as well, you can find 40 cal ammo online.

Water recycling system

As humans we can go several days without food, but only a few days without water. Protecting this valuable resource is extra important when living off grid, especially if you’re living far away from a natural source of water. Make sure to have a well designed water recycling system, you can recycle tap water for the bathroom or cleaning, and recycle your shower water for other uses. Heating Repair: Repair everything during winter like Heating Repair and Boiler Replacement .


Chances are that you have thought this through, however, you can never be too sure. Power is an essential when living off grid, specially if you’re working remotely, you will need power.

You can save your energy consumption by using solar power lamps, solar powered stove, and solar powered charging stations. In the scenario that you’re living in a cloudy place with not a lot of sunshine, make sure to have power generators. What do you frequently use as backup.

Extra clothing

You’re not going to a lot of dinner parties and restaurants while living off grid, but you will need clothing, doing laundry can be a hassle so ensure that you can have enough clothing to last you until your programmed laundromat visit.

When living in nature, temperature can be unpredictable, thus it is fundamental that you have clothing for every type of temperature.

Recreational activities

Because you’re more isolated and will lack interaction within a community, it is essential to have a list of recreational activities  that you do, whether you’re alone, with a partner or children, make sure you have a list of activities to perform in the outdoors/indoors to keep you and your loved ones entertained and engaged.

This list can be longer given the personality and preferences of every person. Here the essentials were covered, but keep in mind what are your essentials, it could be nice food, in which case make sure that you have all the spices and ingredients necessary.


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