How Can Houseplants Benefit You During Winter

How Can Houseplants Benefit You During Winter

How Can Houseplants Benefit You During Winter


With winter just around the corner and fall in full swing, our mental and physical health is at stake. It’s difficult to beat the winter blues sometimes when the day is much shorter, and it gets darker shortly after noon, however, there are ways to fight it. Houseplants can be an amazing addition to your home especially during those cold and gloomy winter days, bringing a piece of nature and life indoors.

Not only are plants great for the eyes, but they are also famous for their health benefits. Here at House Sales Direct, we have outlined ways that houseplants can improve both your mental and physical well-being during those unpleasant, cold months.

Boost of Productivity

The greenery of indoor plants can increase the cognitive functions of the brain and keep your mind focused and engaged for longer. When working from home, it is often suggested that you have some houseplants in your working space to boost your productivity levels precisely for that reason. They are likely to reduce stress and therefore improve your overall mood, making you much more productive on a daily basis. What’s more, cold days make us all hibernate or simply just snuggle up in bed which is not particularly productive so we are not saying indoor plants will solve that for you but subconsciously they may improve your mood to the point where you would feel inspired to do something.

Air Purifier

We are all a little less likely to open windows for longer periods of time now that the weather is chilly so generally the air inside our homes could become stuffyand stale without proper ventilation. Not only is the lack of fresh air a problem, but also when heating up a space it tends to reduce the humidity and really dry out the air, making way for more pollutants and dust. A great advantage to having houseplants is that they have air purifying properties which help keep the air cleaner and much healthier. Our bodies are predetermined to catch a fluor a cold much easier when we are exposed to unventilated air filled with toxins and allergens. That is why having plants which can help with your air quality at home is essential during the winter and fall months.

Healing Properties

Continuing from the air purifying properties of indoor plants, there is one big benefit of having them inside your home, especially during colder periods because of the ability to heal our bodies faster. They can speed up the healing process after colds, which are very common for this time of year. The truth is that we are not supposed to spend as much time indoors as we normally do, and many doctors consider a nice walk for some fresh air when feeling sick to be exactly what your body needs. That is why having a bit of freshness inside your home from your plants is really importantand can help you feel much better during those difficult wintery times.

Improve Your Mood

As already mentioned, house plants can be great on the eyes, making them the perfect decorative item for your house. Their shapes and colours can significantly spruce up a place by making it much livelier. Seasonal depression is a real thing and if you have ever gotten a flower bouquet for your home without a reason which made your day much brighter and improved your mood, then you would agree that having plants as a décor at all times can surely do the same. Plants really have the ability to lift people’s spirits and we all need a little mood booster during the gloomy and dark winter days.

Improve Sleep Quality

It’s vital for our health to get a specific amount of sleep eachnight in order to function properly. Houseplants, with their air purifying properties and scent release, can play a role in your good night’s sleep. Not only is the clean, fresh air going to allow you to have a healthier sleep, but the aromas coming from the plants can get rid of any anxiety and stressyou might have,making youfeel well-rested and relaxed after a good night’s sleep.

Winter blues and seasonal depression are not things to be overlooked and even if you do little things to help you improve your overall wellbeing such as introducing plants to your home, you never know how they might influence your health. As already seen, indoor plants can have many benefits which could prove to be useful especially during the upcoming cold months when all you want to do is stay at home and do nothing. 

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