How Much Does a Barn Conversion Cost?

How Much Does a Barn Conversion Cost?

How Much Does a Barn Conversion Cost?


Living in a barn, rather than a home can be a much more interesting way of spending your days. The spacious and open plan area, coupled with the traditionally nature-orientated location for most barns is certainly appealing to most. However, a barn conversion is noticeably more expensive than a new build. On average, a barn conversion will cost you around £275,000. Whereas a new build is closer to £200,000 for a 3-bed home. Furthermore, requiring planning permission to convert a barn into a place of residence is usually rare, however it can certainly be difficult if it is needed. However, at Happinest, obtaining planning permission has never been easier. Call 0800 021 0232 to organise a free barn consultation or visit the Barn-focused region of the Happinest Website and book a free visit from Happinest in order for a consultation to take place.

When Will I Need Planning Permission for a Barn Conversion?

The conversion of an agricultural building does not usually require planning permission. However, if it is of such special nature that the barn conversion has been classed as a rebuild, then permission is needed. In short, the larger the build is and the more additions/modifications made will mean it is more likely for the barn conversion to require planning permission from the council.

How Do I Get Planning Permission?

Planning Permission can be quite difficult to acquire. In some scenarios, it can take up to 13 weeks for permission to be granted. Therefore, by allowing Happinest to assist you in your barn conversion, the stress factor can be relieved as Happinest can organise planning permission for you, as part of their services.

Who Are Happinest?

Happinest are a family business that provide Professional Architectural drawings and Building Regulation drawings, as well as aiding in planning permission acceptance. They manage the entirety of the planning process on your behalf, making planning a quick and efficient process, attempting to bring down the length of time that any form of property modification/addition may take. Happinest have an industry leading success rate of 98% in regards to receiving approval for plans and in turn have assisted thousands of property owners across the UK in not only adding to the comfortability and functionality of their buildings, but also increasing its value, should they choose to sell at a later date. Find out more about Happinest on their website.

How Else Can Happinest Help Your Barn Conversion?

  • Design – As aforementioned, Happinest offer design services for many different forms of property modification and production. Therefore, Happinest can also be of use in helping you perfect the design of your new, adapted barn. You can freely view examples of barn conversions completed by Happinest here.
  • Structural Calculations – With most companies, structural calculations will be outsourced and therefore will cost you. However, at Happinest, structural calculations are completed in-house. This means they will, instead, be included in the total service fee at a lower cost than if they had been outsourced. Click here to view the structural calculations aspect of the Happinest website


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