Learn How to Write an Effective SEO Press Release in Simple Ways

Learn How to Write an Effective SEO Press Release in Simple Ways

Learn How to Write an Effective SEO Press Release in Simple Ways


The importance of press releases and their writing format is not unknown anymore, but a lot of people fail to gain ample exposure due to the quality of the content. So where are they lacking?

You would be shocked to know that the worldwide press release market revenue is expected to reach $129 billion by the year 2025 with its exponential growth and demand every year. Almost every other organization and individual is utilizing press releases as one of their integral marketing tools and the market has grown quite competitive in the last few years. So if you want a maximum number of target audiences to read your PR, first you need to know how to write an effective SEO press release.

What is an SEO Press Release?

A press release that is written for search engine optimization goals is known as an SEO press release that helps to improve the rank of the business websites on the search engine result pages (SERP). As a result, the companies achieve improved online presence and better visibility in the market. SEO also helps to bring more web traffic and online engagement to the website creating an impactful brand perception in the mind of the potential customers. It also helps to convert visitors into potential and loyal customers by invoking their purchasing behavior.

Simple Ways to Write an SEO Press Release

1. Use Keyword-enriched Titles and Body

Keywords are the best elements for SEO optimization. Look for relevant keywords with high search value to make sure they help your PR content appear with every successful search result. Use the keyword on the title of the PR content as well as incorporate it within the body copy of the content. Make sure the keywords are relevant to your story and incorporated consistently in the content.

If you just stuff them only at the beginning and the end of the content, readers will only read the portion that appeared based on the keyword. Keywords help readers to easily find your content but how will you retain them, is up to you.

2. Utilize Backlinks

Links are powerful SEO tools and any good PR content will consist of multiple links. The key lines in using them organically do not appear spammy for both the readers and the search engine. Using the website of the company is one of the old tricks in the book that helps to draw more traffic to the business website.

Quite amazingly, backlinks also build stronger bonds with other websites and bloggers as you share a mutually beneficial relationship with them where both parties are enjoying the organic exposure. By creating a stronger bond with them, you can get backlinks in return that enhance the SEO approaches.

3. Optimize the Content with Images

In the last few years changing marketing trends showed that images and other visual elements have a huge importance in the field and press releases are no exception. Visual elements are capable of gaining the attention of the readers even with a simple glance and therefore, you need to add relevant images to keep the readers engaged. Such content can quickly convey the story while retaining the readers. Images, clips, and info-graphics also help to create a brand image while establishing it with more authenticity. It is not required to say that Google also loves such content and pushes it into the algorithm.

Things You Should Avoid While Writing an SEO Press Release

1. Do Not Stuff Your PR Content

It can be very exciting to add more links and keywords to a press release but if you just stuff them with more elements; it will only be rejected by all, including journalists and customers. Just like keywords can help everyone find your content, too much of keywords can also hamper the visibility of it. Whether it is links, keywords, or images; make sure to add only a minimum amount to keep the content clutter-free and easy to read for all.

2. Do Not Lose the Hook of the Story

Your hook of the story is what keeps the readers engaged and makes it newsworthy. So, pay good attention to creating a compelling angle through the story presented in the PR. No matter what the topic or the announcement is, you certainly need to add some elements that help to capture the attention of the media. But makes sure, the hook offered in the story is relevant to the audience.

3. Do Not Forget to Proofread the Content

A lot of writers skip on this which is one of the greatest mistakes ever. It is always important to proofread your content and make it error-free before you send it out for distribution. Think of what impression of the company will appear to a reader mind that is not even careful with its content. Exactly the reason why PR is considered the most authentic piece of content. Always proofread your PR after writing.

4. Do Not Forget to Add Media Contacts

If a journalist or a potential customer goes through your PR content and feels interested, the first thing they will do is contact you or your business for interaction. So, contact in your PR plays a vital role. You can add social media links and other contact options to improve your range of engagement. Keeping media information readily available for all; the PR content becomes quite authentic and transparent.

Concluding Thoughts

Writing a press release is not rocket science and only following these aforementioned tips can help to craft a PR that is SEO optimized. However, it is not always possible to create SEO-optimized press releases on your own as you have to look after other business prospects. In that case, hire a professional PR writer or an agency that has worked before and understands your industry well. Get the SEO PR working for your business and witness the growth.


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