How Top IG Influencers Get Followers

How Top IG Influencers Get Followers

How Top IG Influencers Get Followers


Influencer marketing is growing strong for businesses and brands that are using Instagram and TikTok for their outreach and branding efforts. This is because the top influencers continue to get more Instagram followers every single day, and at much faster rates than traditional businesses or brands.

This article is designed to give you the secrets that Huda Kattan, PewDiePie, James Charles, and other top IG influencers use to get so many followers. If you can do what these influencers do, you can achieve similar success.

By following these tips, you too can start gaining followers on Instagram.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

If you’d like to be one of the top Instagram influencers, you’ll need to create a unique niche. A beauty or lifestyle niche is oversaturated, as is the lifestyle of active women. You can also use link stickers to add links to your stories, but before, these were only available to verified accounts with ten thousand or more followers. However, Instagram recently expanded link stickers to all users. This new feature makes the job of an Instagram influencer a lot easier.

When posting content to your Instagram account, make sure you tag people when relevant. Then, use your nametag to promote your account. Place it on offline materials such as signage or product packaging, which provides you with another way to attract followers. You can also print your nametag and store it in a name badge holder. This will help you spread the word about your Instagram account on offline materials. This way, you can increase your following instantly.

Huda Kattan Instagram

The beauty guru Huda Kattan has more than 35.5 million Instagram followers – more than Britney Spears and Madonna combined! This makes her the most followed person on the social network, with more than a million subscribers to her YouTube channel. And her cosmetics company is worth over $1 billion! How did she build such a massive following? She says she spent no money on ads and instead created stunning content.

The couple met during college and have been married for more than ten years. They have a daughter, Nour Gesele, born in 2011 and live in Dubai. Their family is very close to Huda and Christopher and they are based there. The couple’s relationship is not strained by their fame and they live happily together in Dubai. Huda Kattan has a very active Instagram presence, which is largely thanks to her husband’s successful business career.

James Charles Instagram

In 24 hours, James Charles has lost more than 130,000 followers on Instagram. The reason? An embarrassing photo he posted of himself tucking. This is despite Charles’ recent trending content, which includes a YouTube collab with Drag Race UK season three winner Krystal Versace. Some netizens speculated that Charles got a Brazilian Butt Lift to accentuate his buttocks. Others even suggested that he had his penis removed.

After the tucking video, James Charles lost a lot of followers. The Instagram user shared a picture of himself “tucking” his penis in a way that mimics a vagina. Hundreds of his fans quickly unfollowed him. After seeing this, the controversy escalated to the point where James Charles’s number of followers has decreased significantly. James Charles’ fans are not happy about the tucking video, and this is the reason why.

PewDiePie Instagram

You may have wondered: How does PewDiePie get followers on Instagram? Well, this YouTuber isn’t your average Instagram user. He has other social media accounts and has a book, so it’s not as surprising that his Instagram followers are so high. He was at risk of losing guaranteed revenue after he was exposed for making racist comments in 2017. He once called a random Twitch user the N-word, a move that earned him a lot of media attention.

PewDiePie has made the most out of his fame by using it to build his brand and income. He has even produced video games, such as Legend of the Brofist. His popularity has led to other ventures, such as a book called This Book Loves You and a YouTube series called Scare PewDiePie. He also streams on DLive. Despite being one of the most popular YouTubers, PewDiePie isn’t the most popular person in the world. However, he has built up a following of nearly 1.5 million people. He has become a household name on the social web, making money from ads and sponsored videos.

Influencer Marketing Tips

It may seem impossible to follow top Instagram influencers. But there are some things you can do to emulate their success. For one, stay up to date on what’s happening in your industry. You can capitalize on current affairs and online trends to boost your Instagram interaction. You can also make your bio link relevant to your industry by interacting with influencers you like. In addition to keeping up with current events, you can capitalize on social media trends, too, and use them as inspiration for your content.

Influencers can earn from sponsored posts on Instagram. You can pay them to post about your product or service. Most influencers charge between $20 and $50 for sponsored posts. You can also send them unique products to test. You’ll likely generate a higher engagement rate if the images are less commercial. Another way to earn is to sign up for influencer marketplaces. These sites provide high-quality influencers at reasonable rates.


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