Revature Talks About Identifying the Ideal IT Career Based on Personality traits

Revature Talks About Identifying the Ideal IT Career Based on Personality traits

Revature Talks About Identifying the Ideal IT Career Based on Personality traits


Information technology is a pretty expansive industry. When it comes to identifying the right career in IT, personality traits do play a huge role. While gaining technical skills from reputed tech talent development companies like Revature would definitely help accelerate a tech career, people would also need certain soft skills and personality traits to enjoy optimal success in this field. While certain roles, like data analysis depend on logical problem-solving and math-based technical skills, software developers have to be immensely innovative and creative. Selecting the ideal career path would become simpler for people when they understand which personality traits are conducive to which jobs.

Revature shares insights about IT jobs well-suited for diverse personality traits

According to predictions made by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT industry will add about 557,100 jobs by 2026. Hence, opportunities for employment in this field are immense. Professionals with the right skill set can enjoy fulfilling careers in various IT specialties, each of them requiring a unique combination of personality traits and skills.

Here are certain common characteristics of IT professionals in specific fields:

  • Creative: Software development is right at the top of the list of IT roles that majorly depend on creativity. Engineers, programmers, and developers create software apps and frameworks by designing, programming, testing, and upgrading systems. Developing new software is not that different from writing a book or creating music, as the process depends on skill and imagination. Web designers are another type of IT professional who gets to flex their creativity by building websites that are functional and appealing. UI designer, computer systems designer, and artificial intelligence specialist are some other well-suited IT roles for creative people.
  • Meticulous:  Even the tiniest mistakes can lead to disastrous results for database analysts, programmers, and coders. These professionals are required to handle fine details while completing tedious tasks, and therefore have to be extremely meticulous. They have to pay proper attention to detail to analyze data and offer valuable recommendations. Computer hardware engineer, network maintenance specialist, and web developer are some other detail-oriented IT positions.
  • Analytical: Most careers in IT require some level of analytical skills. For instance, computer and information system managers especially have to analyze problems and devise solutions on a regular basis. They also need to manage and analyze technology resources like cloud management applications for their employers. Coders would also need robust analytical skills to follow complex instructions and decode. Professionals like computer and information research scientists, computer user support specialists, and database administrators also require strong analytical skills to do their job properly.
  • Organized: Lack of organization can prove to be problematic for many IT professionals, particularly the ones working in data and information technology management, where preventing mistakes is extremely important. IT management positions, like a director of IT services, also have to use organizational skills to keep an IT department running in a smooth manner.

Before gearing up for their IT career and enrolling in training courses offered by companies like Revature, one must try to carefully identify the job role that aligns the most with their personality traits. Doing so would help them to climb the ladder of success in this field swiftly and smoothly.


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