Text to Pay Technology Patent Awarded to Authvia

Text to Pay Technology Patent Awarded to Authvia

Text to Pay Technology Patent Awarded to Authvia


Text message payments are an innovative method enjoyed by merchants and consumers because it is fast and convenient. In today’s technologically driven world where most people are on their mobile phones, text message payments enable businesses and consumers to securely make purchases and payments.

Text message payments give customers peace of mind because it’s a secure, fast, and convenient payment method that improves customer experience, so talk to high-risk merchant account providers about setting this up as a payment option.

Methods & Systems for Message-Based Bill Payment Patent

Authvia, a SaaS (Software as a Service) company and the leader in conversational commerce technology has been awarded U.S Patent No. 11,144,895 by the USPTO. Its newly patented technology TXT2PAY gives customers a quick and easy way to pay via a simple SMS response.

TXT2PAY, with the patent title “Methods and Systems for Message-Based Bill Payment,” conveniently allows consumers to make payments anytime and anywhere using a unique code. Instead of a link to a payment page, the need for login details, or an application, TXT2PAY simplifies the process with a code such as CONFIRM, PAY, or YES.

TXT2PAY is available for businesses, Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners, and software developers via a web portal, API, and saleforce.com application. Through these platforms, businesses can securely request and receive payments from their customers through text or chat services.

The text payment service can also be linked to a credit card, debit card, or ACH account. Apart from the payment processing feature, TXT2PAY also automatically generates receipts for every transaction, allowing consumers or users to change payment methods for each business.

What the Payments Industry Is Saying About TXT2PAY

It’s no secret that brands are embracing new payment technologies for greater efficiency and improved results and customer experience. A payments industry insider said that “The ability for customers to pay with a simple reply allows our merchants to get paid faster while providing their customers with a fast, simple, and secure payment experience.”

“This IP protection provides Paya and our partners and merchants with peace of mind and extended capabilities in a world where contactless payments have become the standard.”

TXT2PAY is easy to set up and is available directly to businesses. The payment messaging is also available through various certified payment processors as well as numerous independent software vendors, and messaging platform providers.

Implement text message payments with TXT2PAY, a trusted name in the payments industry. Use Authvia’s TXT2PAY to accelerate payments more than 6x faster, eliminate the risk of PCI non-compliance and streamline workflow while delighting your customers with a seamless process.

Authvia offers innovative solutions enabling businesses of any size to deliver a quick, convenient, and personal payment experience. From invoicing and subscriptions to one-time purchases, curbside pickup, and donations, TXT2PAY will deliver.


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