Telegram’s new privacy settings

Telegram’s new privacy settings

Telegram’s new privacy settings


Telegram Messenger is an app that allows users to send text messages, photos, and videos. It also has a voice call feature and file transfers. In light of the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal involving Facebook, many users have started to look for other options to protect their privacy online. Telegram Messenger offers some great privacy settings that can help keep your conversations safe from prying eyes.

If you don’t want to share your phone number

The new privacy settings now include the option to “Restrict”. This means that you can add a person to your restricted list, and they will only see your username and photo, but not any additional information such as when you were last online or your profile picture.

If you want to make sure that no one knows what time it is when they message you (or if you want other people to think that it’s still nighttime even though it’s morning), there is also an option in the new privacy settings called “Do not display my status messages and last seen the info.”

The app will only show your name and photo in the recent chats of the restricted contact

Once you have set up the restricted contact, only the person you are talking to will see your name and photo in their recent chats. Other people will only see your username when they start a conversation with you.

In case you’re wondering, even if someone looks at your contact list on Telegram’s web version, they will still see just your username there (it doesn’t appear in bold like in the desktop app).

If you want to change the privacy setting back to default or set up another restricted contact, just go to Settings and select Privacy & Security from there.

Your contacts won’t be able to see when you were last online

If you have a message to your contacts and want to share your last seen status, go to Privacy and Security. Choose “Last Seen.” Then turn on the toggle switch so it turns green and says “yes.”  unless they ask specifically.

If you choose not to share your last seen status with anyone, then no one will ever know what time of day or night it is when they talk to you. If they do want this information, all they need to do is look up how long ago it was since someone else saw them online—and even that’s an option!

With Telegram’s new privacy settings

With Telegram’s new privacy settings, users can also block certain people from finding them in Telegram(Telegram注册) searches, as well as in third-party services that use Telegram’s API, like Telegram X for Android.


Telegram X is a third-party app and service that uses the official Telegram protocol to let you chat with other people on your mobile device or desktop computer. It’s possible to block someone from using this service by blocking them on the official Telegram app.

To do so:

Open a chat with the person you want to block from using any third-party services (such as [Telegram X](

Click on their name at the top of your screen. This opens up a menu with options for blocking or unblocking them. If they’re already blocked and aren’t able to send messages anymore because of this, click “Unblock” instead of “Block”.

The app also allows users to control who can see your profile picture

You can also decide whether others can see your profile picture, or if you want to keep your last seen status hidden. In the privacy settings section of the app, there’s an option for choosing who sees your profile picture and whether or not users can see it when you are online.

If you’ve chosen “Show my profile photo to everyone,” users will be able to see what you look like in their chats with you. If they have added themselves as contacts, they can open up their contact list and search for you by name instead of just seeing a generic avatar icon (which is what would happen if they chose “Hide my profile photo from everyone”).

Users can also change the default setting for who can see their last seen status

You can also change the default setting for who can see your last seen status, which is the time when you were last active on the app. (This time is usually updated when a user opens up the app.)

To change this setting: Open Telegram(下载Telegram) and tap on your profile photo in the top left corner of the screen. Then tap Privacy & Security > Privacy. Under Last Seen Status, choose “Everyone” or “My Contacts.”

Privacy settings help us feel safe on apps such as Telegram

Privacy settings help us feel safe on apps such as Telegram. You can choose who can see your profile picture, last seen status, and username.

You can also choose who can send you messages, and view your contacts and groups.

Telegram understands that not everyone wants their location and phone number to be shared with everyone they meet on the app. They’ve added some great privacy features that allow users to share their contact information only with the people they want.


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