Golf Industry Streamlines Payment Processing with Lightspeed Software

Golf Industry Streamlines Payment Processing with Lightspeed Software

Golf Industry Streamlines Payment Processing with Lightspeed Software


Payment processing systems are important in today’s economy. The increasing demands for efficient and safe payment processing are becoming more prevalent in response to digital innovations like online and mobile payment products and solutions.

The demands did not go unnoticed. Lightspeed Commerce Inc., an eCommerce software and POS (Point-of-Sale) provider launched Lightspeed Payments for Golf. The expansion of its payment processing solution aims to provide a simplified payment processing experience for merchants and customers.

The move is part of Lightspeed Commerce’s commitment to delivering a one-stop eCommerce platform to its global customers across all industries and products.

According to David Hope, General Manager, Gold said that managing a business comes with “responsibilities and challenges, and being able to consolidate where their services come from”, something that Lightspeed Commerce’s payment processing solution can address.

Hope added that Lightspeed Payments will help our customers streamline their online and physical revenue centers under one integrated payments technology while offering built-in reporting and administrative tools right in their POS.

Whether you are in the golf industry or not, talk to high-risk merchant account processors to help you set up a safe and efficient payment processing solution for your business.

What Is Lightspeed Payments?

Lightspeed Payments is an integrated payment system that is fast and secure, allowing merchants to have a better understanding of their business and customers while having a fully-integrated payment system that works across sales channels.

Lightspeed Payments provides a convenient and efficient solution by working with one vendor that works with all channels.

Streamlined payment solutions will give merchants more time to focus on other business aspects. And with a fully integrated system, businesses can focus on the operation while accounting and reporting are taken care of.

Why Lightspeed Payments?

First, Lightspeed Payments features faster processing at a competitive price. Golf merchants can save money because of simple pricing with no hidden fees (2.6% + 30¢).

Plus, as a complete commerce solution, golf businesses can operate different departments or manage entire operations and receive chargeback assistance under one single provider at a reduced cost.

Merchants can focus solely on sales or the entire business operation because Lightspeed Payments features robust analytics and comprehensive reporting that are accurate and easy to read. Access to batch reports and settlements is available through your POS.

Lightspeed simplifies the daily operations of a golf business with a one-stop solution. This will not only help operations but enhance the overall customer experience. From tee sheet management and pro shop e-commerce to point-of-sales for the restaurant and the pro shop, you can manage payment processing for different parts of your golf business in one place.

Lightspeed Payments for golf businesses is easy to use. The plug-and-play setup allows merchants to set up the payment processing system on their own. But the support team is also available to walk you through the process. On top of that, Lightspeed also has free personalized support.

Lastly, Lightspeed comes with premium built-in security features for online and in-store transactions. It also has round-the-clock security monitoring, allowing merchants to operate with peace of mind knowing their financials and sensitive details are safeguarded.


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