Your One Stop Guide To Holding Two Or More American Express Credit Card

Your One Stop Guide To Holding Two Or More American Express Credit Card

Your One Stop Guide To Holding Two Or More American Express Credit Card


There have always been differing opinions about using credit cards to make purchases. Some see it as a way to pile up debt and get comfortable, while others see it as a way to make their finances more stable. Individuals who succumb to the gossip and biassed opinions of the former group frequently decide against applying for or using credit cards, or they would rather have one or two cards in order to be “safe.” All of these customers don’t seem to realise, though, how your american express membership rewards credit card usage and payment habits affect your financial situation in the end.

To begin, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of owning multiple American express credit card and if it makes sense to do so.

Is it prudent to carry multiple credit cards?

Several credit cards can be kept safely apart from one another, depending on how much you spend and how frequently you buy things. There are several benefits to having several credit cards, either from the same issuer or from different issuers. You can use your secondary credit card as backup in the unlikely event that your primary credit card is lost or stolen. Lastly, your credit score will rise if your credit utilisation ratio stays below 30%. You can set aside money for each card based on how long it’s interest-free for. You can also receive better rewards when you use your cards in accordance with their point accumulation reward programmes.

Honestly, have you considered requesting a second credit card? Remember that responsible use and repayment practices are crucial to guarantee that the many benefits of credit cards always outweigh the drawbacks. Individuals with poor money management skills and multiple credit card usage are more likely to make careless purchases and run up American express credit card debt.

How do I choose the best credit card when applying for a new one?

A person should weigh their spending patterns against the advantages and disadvantages of applying for a credit card when selecting which one to apply for. Those who usually spend more on travel and accommodations than other expenses, such as shopping, might consider applying for a travel credit card since these cards provide higher rewards on purchases made for travel.

It is crucial to carefully consider the benefits of each american express membership rewards credit card when performing a comparative cost-benefit analysis and to choose the one whose benefits outweigh the annual fee by the largest margin. Remember that when you use a credit card for purchases over a certain amount, many of them waive or reverse annual or joining fees.

Advantages of possessing several credit cards

-The potential to reap bigger rewards

Because different consumer segments have different habits, lifestyles, income levels, and geographic locations, all of which affect how they use and spend their credit cards in different ways, credit card issuers typically design american express membership rewards credit card reward point programmes according to the set target of consumers.

Credit card companies, for instance, offer a range of credit cards designed specifically for frequent travellers. Air miles, free lounge access, numerous hotel vouchers, and extra reward points on purchases related to travel are some advantages of these cards. Therefore, those who spend more on a range of expenses, including travel, shopping, and petrol, will benefit from having two or more credit cards.

-Reduces CUR to assist in improving credit score

Your credit utilisation ratio—that is, the portion of your total American express credit card

 credit limit that you as the user actually use—can be lowered by carrying multiple credit cards. Credit bureaus tend to lower credit scores when credit utilisation ratios (CUR) exceed 30%, so it is imperative that you keep an eye on how much you use credit on all of your credit cards, limit your spending to no more than 30% of your total credit limit, and make all of your payments on time. Your credit score can be raised and maintained with the assistance of all these factors.

Take advantage of the interest-free period while it is still in place.

The interest-free period is the interval of time between the date of a credit card transaction and the billing cycle’s due date for bill repayment. With the exception of cash withdrawals, credit card transactions during this period are interest-free as long as the entire balance is repaid by the deadline. For most credit card issuers, this period can range from 18 to 55 days, depending on the date of the credit card transaction or transactions. If you have several credit cards, you can spread out your expected expenses—especially big ones—across the cards according to how much time each card has left in its interest-free period to maximise the interest-free period on each. This gives you more time to repay them when the due date arrives.

-Acts as a backup in the event that aamerican express membership rewards credit card is misplaced.

You will most likely have to wait a few days to receive a replacement credit card if your primary credit card—the one you use the most—is lost or stolen. Having multiple credit cards can help you protect your liquidity and your ability to make purchases by distributing your spending across other cards that may be available in these circumstances. Thus, in order to take advantage of all the numerous benefits that come with having multiple credit cards, if you currently only have one, apply for another one right away.

Cons of owning several credit cards

The potential for extravagant spending to exceed one’s capacity for repayment

People with bad money management skills run the risk of going over their budget and taking advantage of these offers and discounts because most credit cards, regardless of the card or issuer, have a tendency to entice users with attractive discounts and other offers all year long.

-Your credit score may temporarily drop if you apply for a second credit card.

The credit card issuer in question will obtain your credit report upon receiving your new application in order to evaluate your creditworthiness when you apply for a American express credit card, or any other card or issuer. These lender-initiated credit report inquiries may cause your credit score to decrease by a few points, but this is a temporary occurrence. You can raise your credit score over time by making responsible use of credit cards and paying them back.


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