How Global Investing is Useful for Investors in India

How Global Investing is Useful for Investors in India

How Global Investing is Useful for Investors in India


For most of our financial history, Indians remained global consumers. Foreign entrepreneurs, companies, and even Indians always looked at us as a large consumption-oriented market. We must now turn the tide. From being global consumers, we have to become global investors. Numerous businesses based on various themes not found in our domestic financial ecosystem await our attention. Indian investors can explore these opportunities and make the best use of them. Thus, Global investing should become our key focus in this new age to drive forward growth. It is essential to study this untapped goldmine in detail. However, let’s start with the basics and look at what global investing means. 

What is Global Investing? 

Global investing should know that it refers to investing in international stocks trading in stock exchanges across different countries. So, in simple words, owning securities of companies located in foreign countries is global investing. Investors can invest in these companies, too, to benefit from their exponential growth. Global investing mainly focuses on exploring investments outside the domestic market to manage risks from the domestic market. 

Diversification is a fundamental feature of a good investment strategy. International investment avenues provide just the right recipe for asset diversification. Moreover, several businesses prosper in growing economies. Indian investors can benefit from these top-performing stocks. 

Choosing the best mobile trading app will allow you to easily make these investments. Many such mobile apps and web-based platforms are available in India. So sign in to one of them and take advantage of foreign stocks. 

Advantages of Investing in International Markets

Some key benefits of global investing that convince us of their importance include the following. 

Opportunity to invest in renowned business entities.

Global markets consist of a large number of reputed and successful business organizations. Many companies are well known across different continents thanks to their widely used products. A sizeable section of Indian consumers too prefer to use products offered by such renowned firms. Investing in such companies allows you to own shares of trending companies. The stocks perform quite well and continue to grow with time. They are very stable too. Hence, you will get higher returns on your investments more often than not. 

Diversify portfolio by investing in international stocks 

If one spreads his investments, market uncertainties may not erase a big part of investments. When you invest in a variety of assets, the risks reduce considerably. An entire market does not usually go down, except in extraordinary circumstances. While some stocks may trend downwards, others can still show positive trends. Investing in global stocks diversifies one’s portfolio even further. 

Geographical, political, economic, and social conditions vary in different places simultaneously. It affects the performance of stocks greatly. For example, stocks in your domestic market may be going down, but stocks in some other countries might still be showing good growth.

Some stocks are famous for very low volatility. Generally, reputed foreign stocks are less volatile than many Indian stocks. Hence, international stocks can provide the right mix in your portfolio to minimize risks and earn profits simultaneously.  

Benefit from the growth of developed economies

A key feature of a well-developed economy is stability. Such an economy has an inherent strength to remain unaffected by most of the events inside or outside the country. A strong and unaffected economy helps stock markets also. As the economy stays stable, stocks do not fluctuate too often. Despite a crisis-like situation, they continue to perform well. Their value does not go down very fast, nor is there too much share price decline. So you will certainly benefit if you invest in stocks of such financially sound economies with good strength to tackle adverse market conditions. 

Ease of investing in international stocks

There are indeed guidelines laid for all kinds of foreign investments. Both investors and financial organizations facilitating global investments need to follow them. Yet, today it is not a very difficult task to invest in foreign stocks. Several well-known financial institutions provide this facility to Indian investors in compliance with these rules. One would, however, need to open a Demat and trade. 

Getting a Demat and trading account is again not a huge task. Many stockbrokers provide a free Demat account as well. They also provide very good online trading platforms to invest in a wide range of stocks easily. The best mobile trading app is the Kotak Securities stock trading app, which makes it quite simple to buy shares in foreign stocks. 


Global investing is making investments in stocks listed in international markets. International stocks offer lucrative opportunities. Investing in foreign stocks has numerous advantages like portfolio diversification and risk mitigation. So, it should be a priority for every investor to invest in developed global markets. Global investing is possible from the comfort of our homes as many stockbroking firms now facilitate these investments.


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