Guidance on Financing Your Home Extension with Assistance from Happinest

Guidance on Financing Your Home Extension with Assistance from Happinest

Guidance on Financing Your Home Extension with Assistance from Happinest


Numerous homeowners seeking additional space without relocating often choose home extensions. Fortunately, a variety of financing choices exist for house extensions to accommodate various budgets and needs.

Initially, it’s vital to determine the extension type that aligns with your preferences, home, lifestyle, and financial plan.

Varieties of House Extensions

A plethora of house extension options are at the disposal of homeowners seeking to amplify their living area and adapt to evolving necessities.

Single-level extensions stand as a favoured choice, augmenting ground-level rooms or spaces. In contrast, double-level extensions bestow supplementary living quarters across two stories.

Conservatories and orangeries provide a haven for enthusiasts of natural light and outdoor vistas, serving as sun-soaked chambers, greenhouses, or appended living zones.

Loft conversions and basement transformations furnish a budget-friendly approach for expanding living expanse. These conversions metamorphose neglected or underutilised spaces into cosy havens like bedrooms, offices, or playrooms.

Options for Financing a House Extension

There are a variety of methods available to secure funding for a house extension, and the choice you make will depend on your specific financial situation and personal preferences:

Personal Savings

Should your savings be sufficient to cover the costs, opting to utilise them for funding your house extension could potentially be a prudent choice. By doing so, you can avoid the accrual of interest that is typically linked with taking out loans or using credit.

This approach not only safeguards your financial commitments but also eliminates the additional financial burden brought about by interest payments that usually accompany borrowing.

Home Equity Loan

This particular form of loan provides you with the opportunity to borrow funds based on the equity that has built up in your home over time. As a rule, the interest rates associated with this type of loan tend to be lower compared to the rates associated with credit cards or personal loans.

Additionally, the duration of the repayment period is extended, allowing for a more gradual and manageable repayment schedule. This combination of lower interest rates and an elongated repayment time frame can make this loan option a more financially favourable choice.


Remortgaging provides the opportunity to secure additional funds for your house extension. However, while this approach stretches out the repayment period, it’s essential to note that it could result in higher overall interest payments.

Credit Cards or Personal Loans

For lesser amounts, consider the possibility of utilising credit cards or selecting a personal loan. Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge that these avenues usually come with elevated interest rates in comparison to home equity loans or the option of remortgaging.

Crucial is the assessment of your financial condition and the comparison of the range of financing alternatives. This process guarantees the selection of the best-fit solution for your needs and budget.

How Happinest Can Provide Assistance

Distinguishing their architectural design firm in the UK is Happinest’s distinctive inclusion of an in-house team of mortgage advisors. These advisors are fully independent and possess access to the entire mortgage market.

Inform Happinest about your specifications and the property you intend to extend or purchase. They’ll aid you in locating the most suitable available deals. As a comprehensive broker, they possess access to an extensive spectrum of mortgages and are dedicated to sourcing the most favourable terms and rates on your behalf.

Happinest possesses access to exclusive offers from diverse lenders, potentially including your own bank, which might not be accessible directly. Their primary objective revolves around securing the most advantageous deal for your circumstances, and they’ll provide guidance throughout the entire journey.

Be it expanding your current residence or acquiring a fresh property, Happinest’s proficient team will adeptly navigate the intricacies of the mortgage realm, pinpointing the most cost-effective and convenient alternatives available.

Feel free to reach out to them today to discover how they can lend our support to your home extension or property acquisition endeavours.


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