How to Raise Charity Via Fundraising Activities?

How to Raise Charity Via Fundraising Activities?

How to Raise Charity Via Fundraising Activities?


“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention” – Oscar Wilde. It would not be wrong to say that a small act of compassion towards unprivileged ones could turn into massive rewards. Therefore, as an individual, you should always invest a certain amount for charity partner.

There are plenty of ways to raise money for charity services  However, crowdfunding is considered one of the most powerful fundraising tools these days in order to elevate huge funds. In fact, crowdfunding is an efficient yet easiest way to collect donations from any part of the world without any chaos.

At Wave on the Go , we have helped small and large businesses to connect with needy organizations for non-profit collaboration. In fact, we have our app named “Wave on the Go app,” which allows business owners to send donations easily anywhere at any time.

In addition to that, we assist our customers in launching fundraising events and activities. Furthermore, we offer an exclusive range of ideas to our customers so that they can make the most out of their fundraising activities.

Best 5 Ways to Accomplish Charity and Fundraising Success

1. Connect with the charity partner you’re collecting funds for

It is not necessary to contact the organization for which you’re raising charity. However, connecting with them provide plenty of opportunities for yourself or your business.

Start your journey by asking the charity partner if they have scheduled any upcoming fundraising events. If so, you could become a part of it and raise money for them along with your supporters.

In that way, you can improve your brand’s presence and build your customer’s trust.

2. Schedule your own fundraising event

If the charity partner you’re collaborating with doesn’t have any upcoming fundraising events, you can host your own fundraising event for themselves.

Charity or fundraising events, undoubtedly, are one of the greatest ways to make the most out of your cause. For that purpose, ask your friends and employees who are interested in volunteering with you. Connecting and gathering more individuals towards the cause can help to collect more charity easily.

You may experience some upfront costs while arranging a fundraising event. However, you can cut back those giant costs by asking the bigger businesses or even restaurants to arrange food and beverages for your event. In that way, their brand will also attain their customers’ trust.

The majority of small and large businesses donate some amount or accessories in the name of charity annually. You can ask those names to partner and sponsor your event. Make proper plans and strategies to explain to them why they should sponsor your event.

3. Host social media competitions

Facebook events are one of the exceptional ways to connect with a large audience out there in order to collect huge funds. In fact, you can raise more money by launching contests on different social media platforms. For that purpose, you can ask the individuals to share their images or video entries. In fact, you can open sections where users can share their stories on how donating to a cause creates a positive impact in their lives.

It’s always a great idea to make at least one custom post engraved with your hashtag. You can use that post for a winner who shares the best story or donate a good amount for your fundraising event.

Moreover, you can connect with local media or ask any local celebrity to promote your event.

4. Turn your volunteer’s expertise into incredible funds

Almost every individual has certain expertise. You can take advantage of this and ask your supporters to come up with anything that could result in gathering more charity for others. Be it art, food, clothes, or even any other household accessory.

Other than that, you can ask your supporters to host games and activities that engage the audience. Apart from that, you can ask the visitors for a little fee on the entrance ticket. Moreover, you can set up donation boxes or host an auction too in the name of a fundraising activity.

More or less, all these activities could help you accumulate more charity for your fundraising event within no time.

5. Ask your supporters to share fundraising events on social channels

One of the easiest ways to grab more audiences’ attention is by asking your supporters to share the details regarding the fundraising event on their social channels.

No doubt, Facebook is an exceptional social media platform. You can make use of it for your cause. Create a social page based on your activity. Add all the relevant details and the sponsors’ names on that page’s wall associated with your event.

Also, develop a compelling video with the benefits of charity and helping others. Undoubtedly, video is a tremendous way to catch visitors’ attention on your activity.

Lastly, ask all your friends, family members, and volunteers. And other local supporters to share your event details on their timelines and distinct social channels. In that way, more visitors will acquire trust in your happening.

Wrapping Up

In the above write-up, we have covered the top 5 methods that will be useful in collecting donations via fundraising activities. To put it simply, fundraising activities are an excellent way to build bonds and relationships with new people out there. Besides, you can make strong connections, too.

If you want to learn more about fundraising ideas, you can check out this link. Or, you can partner with Wave on the Go company to help you cater to your needs.


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