What are Amazon testing tools?

What are Amazon testing tools?

What are Amazon testing tools?


An Amazon A/B testing tool aids e-sellers in determining which aspect of their product listing motivates customers to take action. In a standard Amazon split test, merchants run different versions of their product listing and collect data over time to see which one gets the most conversions and sales.

These four tools can assist you in conducting an Amazon A/B test. The first three collect data from Amazon marketplace live tests. The data originates from real customers who browse your products, unaware that their buying habits are recorded for a study. You can  Go Now  to the Amazon website to know more.

The fourth gives you more flexibility by determining which variants (such as title, photos, and description) people will prefer before you go live with your goods and outside of the Amazon marketplace.

1. Splitly

Splitly allows you to automatically create versions of your listing, which are then rotated on your Amazon listing. You may split-test the following elements with Splitly:

  • Price
  • Specifications of the product
  • Descriptions of images, including image order
  • Keywords for the back end

Splitly only allows you to run one product variation at a time. It starts reporting findings to you after a few days, and when it discovers a statistically significant winner, it finishes the test and makes the winner your listing.

Splitly is available for $47 per month. You can conduct up to three concurrent tests and track 100 keywords on the Starter plan. Splitly provides email help if you have any issues while using it. According to the site, the average response time is 2 hours and 15 minutes. Splitly’s literature is chock-full of A/B testing resources and a “quite lenient refund policy” if you’re not happy with your experience.

2. Cash cowpro

Cash cowpro analyses data by executing automated tests on different variations of your existing Amazon product listings. Cash cowpro switches your listing variants more frequently than Splitly, rotating them every day at midnight. This Amazon A/B testing tool offers a 10-day free trial, after which you can cancel your subscription, pay $99.70 per month, or pay $997.00 for the year.

Cash cowpro, unlike Splitly, does not have plan tiers. You get all Cash cowpro offers, whether you subscribe monthly or yearly: sales data, keyword tracking, automated feedback gathering, A/B testing, inventory management, and more. Cash cowpro wants to be an all-in-one Amazon solution, but Splitly owns numerous other software brands, including Jungle Scout and Jump Send.

3. Listing Dojo

Unlike Cash cowpro and Splitly, Listing Dojo focuses solely on Amazon A/B testing. It is the only service it provides. Oh, and it’s completely free. Viral Launch’s seller tools include Amazon keyword research and competitive tracking, and Listing Dojo is one of them. The most important advantage of Listing Dojo is that it is entirely free. You don’t even have to input your payment card information. Listing Dojo is, of course, a hook for Viral Launch. The price of Viral Launch is determined by the plan you select and the tools provided. On its website, you may access various resources, including e-books and free courses on Amazon PPC ads.


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