How do I convert my CRS score to Points?

How do I convert my CRS score to Points?

How do I convert my CRS score to Points?


Your dream of landing in Canada solely depends on your CRS Score. CRS stands for Comprehensive Ranking System, which is a point based ranking system employed by IRCC to rank candidates in the Express Entry Pool. In order to get a CRS ranking, you have to be eligible for Express Entry and that is ensured by your FSW points.

Once you have qualified under the Federal Skilled Worker Program attaining a minimum of 67 points, your profile is registered for Express Entry. IRCC conducts draws twice a month, sending ITA’s to all the candidates who have attained exceptional CRS scores.

What are the factors responsible for a good CRS Points?

The CRS points of a candidate depends on 6 basic factors:

Age: You can attain a maximum of 12 points based on this factor. Candidates aged between 18-35 score the maximum points. Beyond the age of 35, your points start decreasing in the age criteria. You do not get any points if you are below the age of 18.

Educational Qualifications: You can earn up to 25 points based on your academic qualifications. You have the chances of scoring better if you have completed your post-secondary from Canada and your educational credentials are assessed and verified.

Language Factor: The language factor criteria is divided into 2 categories: First Official Language Proficiency and Second Official Language Proficiency.

You can earn a maximum of 28 points with both the categories combined. First Official Language Proficiency (English and French) has 24 points assigned to them while Second Official Language Proficiency has 4 points.

Work Experience: Your work experience can help you get a maximum of 15 points. If you have a previous work experience in Canada, it adds to your score.

Adaptibility: 10 points are assigned to adaptability

Arranged Employment: An additional 10 points are allotted for arranged employment. If a designated employer offers you a job opportunity inviting you to Canada.

If you are a single applicant your CRS point is marked out of 110 and with spouse it trims down to 100.

Once you have scored a minimum of 67 FSW points, you need to create an Express Entry Profile. Your profile then gets submitted in the Express Entry Pool, and IRCC uses CRS scores to rank the candidates against each other. Candidates with the highest CRS scores receive an ITA inviting them to apply for Permanent Residency Visa.

What is CRS Score and how is it calculated?

Once your profile is submitted for Express Entry, a candidate is assigned 1200 CRS points.

Out of 1200 points, 600 points are for Core Human Factors, Spouse/ Common In law Factors and Skill Transferability and another 600 points is added if the candidate applies under one of the Provincial Nomination Programs.

The Breakdown of Points are as follows:

  1. Core Human Factor/Human Capital and Common Partner Factor combined can earn you a total of 500 points
  2. Core Human Factor/Human Capital, Common Partner/In-Law Factor and Skilled Transferability Factor combined can earn you a total of 600 points.
  3. If all the aforementioned factors are combined with Additional Factors, you have a chance to earn 1200 points.

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