Find out Is IQ Option Legit?

Find out Is IQ Option Legit?

Find out Is IQ Option Legit?


IQ Option is one of the most popular online brokers that has been around for several years. But does their presence make them a legitimate platform to invest your money in? This guide will give you the answer About the iq option legit or not.

IQ Option Platform Overview

IQ Option is our opinion and many traders (more than 30 million to be exact) is the best broker offering binary options trading. Apart from binary options, they also facilitate buying and selling of stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies. They provide apps for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS to make it smooth, fast, and intuitive.

If you don’t want to invest real money yet, don’t worry. You can use what is known as a “demo account” to try out the platform yourself before investing.

Have you decided to invest real money and try to make more money? You can use a variety of available deposit and withdrawal methods, such as credit and debit cards, bank account transfers, and digital wallets such as Skrill and Perfect Money.

From time to time, many ask whether investing in IQ Option is legal. Yes, it is completely official in almost all parts of the world! There are only a handful of countries that do not allow trading binary options with brokers located outside the country itself. One of them is the United States. However, as far as we know, the iq option is trying its best to get into that market.

IQ Option Advantages

  • Free demo account
  • Easy to use but highly customizable
  • Many assets available
  • Big profit
  • Intuitive user interface

IQ Option scam or legit broker?

One of the easiest ways to determine the position of a website on the web is through third-party sites. I used a similar web to see IQ Option standing in comparison to other online financial and investment institutions. Standing at 18th position gives it a good reputation among online options and forex brokers.

IQ Option sits between a financial and investment firm. Another thing I see is the distribution of traders’ countries of origin. From these results, IQ Option has more than 250 visitors from various countries.

It could be said that the majority of them were real traders. The good thing is that no single country has a visitor meaning more than 20% of IQ Option is trusted by traders from all corners of the world.

IQ Option is fully regulated by CySEC

IQ Option was founded in 2008 and was eventually licensed by CySEC. Their main function is to oversee the financial institutions that handle customer deposits.

CySEC Guarantee for IQ Option

Like other financial authorities, CySEC will continue to monitor IQ Option activity. This includes ensuring that trader funds are kept separate from IQ Option operational funds.

It also ensures that in case of IQ Option goes bankrupt, the trader is refunded up to $20000. But if you have a dispute with IQ Option, it is advisable to first contact their support team to see if it can be resolved.

IQ Option Demo Account

Like most other brokers, as mentioned above IQ Option also offers a demo account, which is certainly useful for anyone who just wants to try trading.

But what makes this demo account so special and stands out among its competitors is that it is completely free and can be used without limits. Opening a demo account is not necessary to fill in any personal information (KYC verification) and there is no time limit. The demo account will automatically contain $10,000 worth of virtual money which you can use to try trading with all available instruments.

If you run out of virtual money, all you have to do is click a button to request new funds, and within seconds, your practice account will be filled.

IQ Option VIP Account

At IQ Option, all small traders have what is known as a standard account. This means, they are not active traders, but the combined total of all their deposits does not reach $3,000. However, if a person’s deposit, in one or several payments, exceeds $3,000, then he or she will be assigned a VIP account. What does it mean?

What is a VIP account?

Having a VIP account provides many benefits. Some of them are:

A high-yielding asset that allows you to achieve up to 91% return on every correct prediction.

Access to the Education Section prepared by the experts of IQ Option. This feature includes things like money management lessons, the use of indicators, a list of common mistakes made by inexperienced traders, and more.

IQ Option trading patterns

IQ Option broker offers a wide range of tools and functions on its trading platform. Among these, one of the features we like is the ability to research IQ Option trading patterns. You can see trading patterns on the IQ Option website, and the format was pioneered by it.

Everyone knows that to be successful in trading, you need to understand trading patterns. Like it or not, this lack of information will hurt our trading results. The developers of the IQ Option trading platform understand this, and that’s why they have added this section to their site.

All the patterns you can find on the IQ Option page have their video tutorials. You can learn how to use binary options trading patterns, and you can save a lot of time and trial and error by using the information provided. All the video tutorials that IQ Brokers offer can be found on the right side of your trading platform.

It might be a bit pushy if we try to master everything in detail, but I think that a smart beginner or an expert trader should be able to master it quickly. The video tutorials will demonstrate some of the basic trading patterns for trading binary options. The techniques demonstrated include the use of trend line trading patterns, Bollinger series patterns, and more.

For more information and video tutorials demonstrating these unique trading patterns, check out IQ Option Successful Binary Options Trading Patterns.


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