Why Are boAt Pre-IPO Stocks In Turbulence In The Grey Market?

Why Are boAt Pre-IPO Stocks In Turbulence In The Grey Market?

Why Are boAt Pre-IPO Stocks In Turbulence In The Grey Market?


According to recent financial markets analysis, boAt pre-IPO stocks have recently encountered major changes within the grey market. This uncharted territory of trading has raised questions about the factors causing this turbulence. Analyzing the dynamics behind the fluctuations in boAt pre-IPO stocks offers an understanding for investors’ sentiment, market speculation, and underlying economic forces. In this exploration, we will discuss the precise triggers that have led to the present scenario, shedding light on the uncertainties that underscore the current instability within this market segment.

How Is The Performance Of Boat Unlisted Shares In The Grey Market?

Despite having a dominant position in India’s wearable market and its reputation for affordablility, quality audio products, its unlisted shares in the grey market have recently experienced a downturn. In January 2022, boAt’s Indian share price was Rs 1,300, but within six months, it dropped even though boAt revenue was 2738 crore. This decline stems from boAt’s decision to withdraw its highly anticipated IPO due to expansion challenges after securing $60 million, delaying its listing even though boAt revenue was still growing. 

Despite initially planning to go public in January 2022 and filing with SEBI, boAt now focuses on business expansion, impacting its pre-IPO share performance in the grey market with significant price fluctuations. Optimism arises from financial experts, who foresee improvement as boAt ventures into the smartwatch segment, potentially revitalizing its unlisted share value.

An Overview Of boAt IPO 

Imagine Marketing Limited, boAt’s parent company, submitted a DRHP to SEBI on Jan 26, 2022, proposing a Rs. 2,000 crore IPO. The plan encompasses a fresh equity share issue worth Rs. 900 crore and a Rs. 1,100 crore offer for sale, detailed in the DRHP. Additionally, a pre-IPO placement aims to raise Rs. 180 crores. After getting the pending status from SEBI approval, boAt withdrew its IPO.

What Are The Effects Of boAt’s Ipo Withdrawal On Its Unlisted Shares?

Analyzing the after-effects of boAt’s IPO withdrawal on its unlisted shares reveals a significant impact on boAt share prices. Investors engaging in boAt unlisted shares have undoubtedly observed the price volatility that has unfolded over time.

Historical data states a notable pattern. The period surrounding September 2022, when the news of boAt’s IPO withdrawal emerged, witnessed the lowest point for boAt Pre-IPO shares at Rs 750. However, the scenario shifted dramatically in November 2022, with the company securing Rs 500 crore for expansion, propelling boAt unlisted shares to peak at Rs 930.

Subsequently, the price destiny of boAt shares touched Rs 900 in early 2023. Yet, as the year unfolded, the Pre-IPO shares faced a gradual decline, surpassing the 900 mark on the price chart. Today, boAt unlisted share price stand at Rs 930.0 per share, as evidenced by recent data on platforms like Stockify.

The Indian market witnessed a substantial impact in the immediate months following the IPO withdrawal. While it remains too early to definitively attribute the current price fluctuations of boAt shares solely to the IPO decision, the prospect of future implications on boAt’s IPO share price is an intriguing consideration. As time unfolds, observing whether the postponed IPO will leave a lasting imprint on boAt share price remains a point of interest for market observers and investors alike.

Market Valuation Of boAt 

On Jan 26, 2022, boAt shares were worth a whopping 13.54 Crores. Fast forward to Dec 3, 2022, and their unlisted shares are cruising at Rs. 850 each, with a market cap of 11000 Crores. Hold onto your life vests because boAt’s recent fund boost is set to increase its valuation. With more shares in the mix, their value is set to surge. boAt is the right choice to make for great future returns if you’re looking for an intelligent investment. 

Future Plans Of boAt After IPO Withdrawal

Despite the IPO withdrawal, boAt remains committed to its future IPO plans. boAt profit-driven focus shifts to the smartwatch market, aiming to establish it as a second flagship product alongside audio offerings. Expansion strategies entail a capital infusion of Rs 500 crore, supporting increased local manufacturing and R&D investments. boAt’s unlisted shares are actively traded in the Pre-IPO market, presenting an opportunity for early investors. 

Is It Worth Buying Boat Pre Ipo Shares Or Not

Investing in boAt Pre-IPO shares offers an early advantage as the company prepares for its IPO. With active trading in the Pre-IPO market, this opportunity allows for potential portfolio diversification with reduced risk. Consider the potential benefits and consult financial experts before making your decision. Still thinking, is boAt profitable? Connect with experts for unlisted shares via Stockify, India’s premier online brokerage for such claims, accessing comprehensive financial data and performance insights. Invest in boAt’s unlisted shares today to get high returns on your investment.


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