Laundry can give you a successful business

Laundry can give you a successful business

Laundry can give you a successful business


I am going to start a business.

Is that what you keep promising yourself?

If yes, then you must be thinking of different business opportunities that you can go ahead with. But the problem is that there are so many options out there that may leave you confused.

While choosing a business domain is quite a task, running a business involves heavy risk elements too.

So, with this blog, we will help you in both of these aspects. To begin we will explain a business domain that holds huge growth prospects (We know, it’s already in the title, hence, no secrets – Laundry it is).

Do people really need laundry service?

We will study laundry as a business opportunity on some factors a little later. As for now, let’s look at the most common question that may come to your mind. While thinking about a laundry business you might think do people really need laundry service? Because, if there is not enough demand for this service, how will I get customers.

We have observed that people need laundry service more than you think. The present-day hustle culture has given rise to the demand for laundry and dry clean services. Nobody wants to spend their weekends doing the laundry. So, people are always on a lookout for good quality laundry & dry clean.

Laundry may seem like an insignificant or not-so-flourishing thing for running an entire business. However, it can literally help you become successful within 1-3 years. This is not always possible in the mainstream industries.In FY 2020 itself, laundry was a $35.83 billion industry which is way bigger than the size of some famous mainstream industries including Diagnostic Labs ($ 28.6 bn), Beauty & Wellness ($9 bn) and Fast Food ($4.6 bn).

This clearly proves that you will never run out of customers while running a laundry business. The condition is to offer good-quality service. And the best way to ensure that is to undertake a laundry business franchise of a trusted brand like Tumbledry.

Why franchise? Because it is the best way to have a low-risk business.

Franchise businesses are equally flourishing like personal brands. And there are lesser risks involved. The key is to choose a trusted and established brand to get a franchise.

You may think about how it will reduce risk. When you get a franchise of a well-established laundry business 

How laundry does guarantees success

But how do you ensure that any business idea is worth your time, money and efforts? To make you understand this better, let me frame this question differently:

There must be some factors to decide whether your business will be successful or not. So, what are these factors?

We are listing them here:

– Level of competition

– High growth prospects

– Scope of innovation

– Easy to operate

Let’s see how laundry fits in the criteria of an ideal business. 

Level of competition in the laundry industry

The level of competition is very low. Before 2019, there were almost no players who were making a mark in this industry. People were dependent on mediocre options. So, when Tumbledry started it had almost non-existent competition. It still doesn’t have any dominant competitors.

So, if you will own a Tumbledry laundry franchise, there will be no threat of others taking away your customer base in the market. This is a huge green flag to sign up for a laundry business. 

Laundry service has high growth prospects

The chances of growth are very high in the laundry industry. Because we just shared there is a low level of competition involved. Along with that, there is a huge demand for such good laundry and dry clean services. A business that can successfully offer high-quality services will never out of customers. Tumbledry is the best example of this statement.

It started during this era’s worst pandemic, still, it grew immensely. From just 1 store in 2019 to having 250+ today, the brand has touched immense success and growth. This proves that laundry business franchises with them can guarantee growth. 

Scope of innovation in the laundry industry

In today’s world, consumers are more aware than they were a decade ago. They constantly compare different brands and switch to the better option. This is why every business should be looking forward to betterment.

As a business person, you will also have to innovate and make your service better to keep your customers by your side.

Tumbledry has already done this in the laundry industry. They have already revolutionized the industry by using technology. With their innovations, laundry has turned into a mechanism-driven industry by employing the latest machines and chemicals for laundry and dry cleaning.

Next up they have launched live stores, where people can see how their items are processed. This was never seen in this industry. Nobody knew what happened behind the doors.

Customers seem to love these changes and they are switching to Tumbledry in huge numbers.

You can also leverage the benefits of their innovation by owning a laundry franchise. 

Laundry business is easy to operate

A laundry franchise business is very easy to run. Why? Because when you own a franchise, the brand offers you all-around support to set up and then run your business.

For example, if we refer to Tumbledry again, this brand is making sure each and every store they open maintains a certain standard. And for this, they provide chemicals and machines to franchise partners, they even recruit and train staff at these franchise stores. They help run and manage sales promotions (both offline and online). There are tons of other things that they do for their franchise partners.

Long story short, they make it very easy for their partners to run Tumbledry – Dry Clean And Laundry Stores. By owning their laundry franchise, you will not sign up for any kind of stress.


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