Essential Intraday Trading Tips and Strategies for Traders

Essential Intraday Trading Tips and Strategies for Traders

Essential Intraday Trading Tips and Strategies for Traders


Every stock investor or a newbie investor heard tons of new terms in the financial market. The intraday trading is base on a single day trading. Where trader open and close their position on the same trading day. This is what is intraday trading in the stock market world. In other words we can also say that the intraday trading, there will be no change in ownership in the end of the trading day. The goal of intraday trading is to make profits by making the best strategy of buying and selling shares in higher volume and less margin. Intraday trading is for the professional trader who understand the market and perform various intraday strategies. Trader need to follow an key element which is to track the market trends continuously and time your trade for perfection. You can follow the intraday trading tips mention in this article and try to execute a proper trade. Intraday is said to be successful if an trader earns a good return at the end of the intraday trading.

For the start we can say that the intraday trading based on  the traders open and close position and the net profit or loss of a trade in the end of the day. You may be a new investor or a expert trader but one thing you must know to follow some basic tips.  With the high volatility equity, the trading opportunities is plenty and the share market tips. But with the help of intraday trading strategies, we can generate good returns and make profit in a short duration. For investing in intraday trading you need to choose the liquid securities, and for each trading you need to have a strong research tips and technique. Information about stock and news of company can help you to make trading decision with confidence. Its better to do practice intraday trading in a demo tab before investing with real funds. For intraday trading you must also know that you should not invest against the market and remember the basic rules for intraday trading. While it is still useful to have an idea about the market direction whether it is in the upper or the lower direction.

Here are some trading tips and strategies for intraday trading.

Select liquid equities.

You can select one or two liquid share to enter into the trade. This trading make your open and exit position better. If you go with a liquid stocks there will be more chance of making a profit rather than other stocks where there is chance of no gain in the overall trading day. Investing in low and small cap companies can harm your intraday investment and make your profit less.

Choose your entry and exit price

Before making any transaction in the intraday trade, you need to determine your entry level and target price. Pre-determining price is a common way to make a low risky trade. As a result if you sell in a less profit there is still a slight profit in your investment. And withoud determining price of entry and exit there is greater chance of losing money and even facing a heavy loss.

Use stop-loss

As you read the above point where you should determine your entry and exit price. You can also make use of stop-loss in your trading system. This stop- loss tool will execute your in and out price of your intraday trade. By setting a stop-loss you can save yourself from heavy loss and make profit in a quicker way.

Dont move against the market.

 As discuss any experience trader with advanced tools which sometime not able to predict the market movements. There is time when all the technical factors such as bull market and other factor cannot make the exact position of the stock market. Remember if you think the market is in the opposite direction then you should exit your position without facing any heavy loss.

Use leverage system wisely

Intraday trader get a leverage amount from the brokerage platform. Remember this leverage can be dangerous if your investment goes in the opposite direction. As per the investment need, you need to take leverage amount only till 30% of your total investment. Taking heavy leverage can backfire your investment and can get you into heavy debt. So be careful before using the leverage tool.


Most trader think they can lose their money in the intraday trading. But as you know what is equity shares and how to select the shares, which have a good volatility. As a trader you should not get tempted by making an instant and uninformed decision. Avoid making blind trade by random tips and new strategies without doing any practice in the demo window. Use industry technical indicator and learn about them from professional trader and follow the latest news and insight related to the stock market.


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