7 Quick Tips When Using a Storage Unit

7 Quick Tips When Using a Storage Unit

7 Quick Tips When Using a Storage Unit


Storage units can be very useful in a range of situations. These include situations when you may be moving to a new home or taking a break elsewhere for an extended period. Planning a large logistical project like moving home can bring many challenges, so it is recommended to check out as many moving tips as possible to inform effective planning and delivery of the move.

Here are some of the quick tips you should know about when using a storage unit in Chicago.

1. Book It Soon

Time is of the essence when planning a large project, and you should aim to book your storage unit as quickly as possible. Avoid rushing into decisions, however, as this could mean that you end up getting less than what you bargained for. Take your time to consider the options and weigh up prices, customer service, and space. But don’t delay in booking the storage unit once you have made your decision.

2. Organize Your Things

If you are in a rush to get things sorted, you might be tempted to throw everything into one box or move things haphazardly into a storage unit. However, staying organized can help to reduce stress both during the packing process and long afterward when you come to get your belongings and move them elsewhere.

3. Find External Support

Large projects can require some additional external support to deliver them effectively. Consider working with a moving company in Chicago to help transport your belongings from your home to the storage unit or from the storage unit to a new home. Whatever your requirements are, discuss these in advance with the moving company and become aware of all your options.

4. Use Labels

As well as staying organized throughout the process, use labels when putting things into your storage unit to help identify them later. Without labeling your items, you can easily spend additional time trying to locate certain items or determine what was packed in each box.

5. Know What You Want to Store

Before hiring the storage unit, decide what you want to store in it. This will help you to avoid paying for storage units that are larger than necessary or getting a unit that does not have sufficient space for your belongings. If you want to store fragile or valuable items, you might want to pay extra for more security and safety. Knowing in advance what you want to store will help you to make the right decisions about your storage unit.

6. Make the Most of the Storage Space

Plan to store your items in a way that utilizes all the storage space available. For example, put heavy items in the storage unit first and then stack lighter items on top of them. This will help you to maximize the space you have and get the best value for money when using a storage unit.

7. Protect Your Items

If you plan to store the items in a storage unit for a while, it is even more important that you take steps to protect them from any damage. Wrap expensive and valuable items in protective covers and pay particular attention to corners of furniture or other potentially weak spots that could become damaged while in transit or storage.

Finding a Moving Company in Chicago

When it’s time to move your things from one place to another in Chicago, consider working with a moving company in Chicago to help you carry out this project as effectively as possible. Get in touch with 2 Guys and a Van to find out more about how they could help you.


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