What to Do With Windowless Bathrooms

What to Do With Windowless Bathrooms

What to Do With Windowless Bathrooms


Some  bathroom designs in modern homes do not have windows. This does not mean they will always appear dark and unwelcoming. You do not necessarily have to come up with unique window design ideas. There are many decoration styles you can find that will allow you to make the bathroom design appealing even if it does not have a window. If you are not sure about how to do it, here are a few tips that will help you to create the perfect windowless bathroom design:

01 of 06 Opt for white interiors

A small space without any window can appear dark. If you want the space to appear brighter, consider opting for white interiors. Do not just keep yourself limited to the flooring or the walls. Try to add as many white elements as possible. This is because white is a light colour and makes the walls recede. As a result, the interiors appear more spacious. People with small bathroom designs can benefit from it. Also, it reflects more light and keeps the interiors brighter. Hence, you do not have to worry about not having a window in your  bathroom decor  if sufficient artificial light is available. Also, you can easily spot dirt and stains on a white surface. It will allow you to keep the interiors cleaner and brighter.

02 of 06 Plan the lighting

When designing a bathroom, you should always pay attention to lighting. Lighting plays a key role in keeping the interiors bright and appealing. In a bathroom without any  window design idea, this is extremely crucial to ensure that the space is appealing and functional. There are many different types of lighting fixtures available in the market. You must carefully pick each and every fixture. People mostly prefer minimalist lighting fixtures in the bathroom. Using an overhead spotlight for the vanity will give the space a beautiful glow and make it easier to perform activities like shaving or applying make-up. You can get a few more recessed lights to light up the rest of the bathroom. However, many people prefer choosing decorative lighting fixtures for the bathroom. Hanging two beautiful pendant lights close to the mirror will ensure that not only sufficient light is available for all the tasks but the interiors appear very appealing as well. While you are at it, you should add a few other elements to your bathroom decor that will complement the lighting.

03 of 06 Enjoy the privacy

Privacy is one of the top concerns in your bathroom. In a bathroom without a window design idea, you do not have to worry about privacy. It is one of the biggest advantages of a windowless bathroom. You do not have to draw the curtains or stay concerned about people being able to see your silhouette through the frosted window glass. As a result, people feel more relaxed and welcomed in a windowless bathroom. You will find many high-end hotels with windowless bathrooms as well.

04 of 06 Mimic the sunlight

Natural light is essential to make your interiors appealing. In case natural light is not available, you can create an interior design that mimics the outdoors. According to experts, one of the best ways to do so is by installing a dramatic drop ceiling. Add recessed lighting at the edges so that interiors appear as if sunlight is streaming in from above. The lights are positioned very carefully so that it falls down on the wall and can highlight any feature on it. This will make the space the focal point of the area.

05 of 06 Create a fake ceiling window

In many luxury bathroom designs, you will come across a ceiling window. Ceiling windows are a great addition to the bathroom design because they allow plenty of natural light to enter and give the space an elegant feel. In case you do not have space for a real ceiling window, you can consider creating a fake one. A fake ceiling window is not very difficult to install. You just have to plan the lighting setup properly. You just have to create a window-like structure on the ceiling and install fixtures that will flood the bathroom. This will give the interiors a spa-like design and make you feel more relaxed.

06 of 06 Allow light to enter from the adjacent room

An easy and simple way to make any poorly-lit bathroom design appealing is by borrowing light from the adjacent room to illuminate the space. Install an opaque window on the wall separating the bedroom. As a result, diffused light will enter from the window and light up the space. Since the window is opaque, you will not have to worry about privacy as well. In case your privacy is not an issue, you can install a regular window instead of an opaque one.


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