The Ultimate Cleaning Supplies Checklist: Here are Things You Must Have on Hand

The Ultimate Cleaning Supplies Checklist: Here are Things You Must Have on Hand

The Ultimate Cleaning Supplies Checklist: Here are Things You Must Have on Hand


When it comes to house cleaning, having essential supplies at the tip of your finger is important and often imperative. It makes house cleaning convenient and fast. In this article, we will look at five things that you should include in your house cleaning supplies list.

Five things to include in your household cleaning supplies list

Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have become an essential component of modern households, offering versatile cleaning solutions for various surfaces. With a range of accessories such as dry floor and carpet brushes, crevice nozzles, wet floor brushes, all-surface cleaners, and upholstery wet squeegee brushes, vacuum cleaners facilitate hassle-free cleaning from ceiling to floor.

When selecting a vacuum cleaner, consider one that is versatile enough to clean multiple surfaces like Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaners. Take, for example, the Forbes Robotic LVac Voice Pro which comes with a 2700 pa motor that cleans wooden floors, marble, tiles, and carpets effortlessly, making it perfect for your everyday cleaning. Additionally, its dual functionality of dry vacuuming and wet mopping effectively handles both dry dust and wet spills. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner features Smart Voice Control, allowing you to command your house cleaning tasks through voice commands.

Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth stands out for its durability, absorbency, and ease of cleaning. You can use a microfiber cloth to remove dirt from surfaces such as glass, kitchen slabs, study tables, and decorative items. When you use a microfiber cloth to clean, you can be confident that no residue will be left behind. That’s because these cloths come in various weaves, ranging from smooth to ribbed, offering the necessary abrasiveness to tackle stubborn grime. These days there are vacuum cleaners with dual cleaning facilities, that is, they can tackle dry dust and wet spills effectively. Like the Forbes Robo Vac n Mop Pro which comes with both Dry Vacuuming and Wet Mopping capabilities, the vacuum effectively removes dry dust and dirt from all corners, while the wet mop utilizes an ultra-premium microfiber cloth to manage wet spills.

Wet Mop

If you have hard surface flooring such as hardwood or tile, a mop is essential. It takes care of stubborn dust and grime. You can opt for disposable cleaning cloths, those equipped with a built-in spray apparatus for applying the cleaner, or a simple microfiber mop with interchangeable heads suitable for wet or dry use as a dust mop.


Regardless of whether you opt for a traditional feather duster, microfiber duster, or disposable one, ensure it has an extendable handle. This feature allows you to effortlessly clean hard-to-reach places such as the tops of furniture, ceiling corners, light fixtures, and ceiling fans.

Take A way

Certain tools in your cleaning arsenal may require regular replacement or replenishment, while others may be long-term investments that can last for many years. For instance, Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaners such as robotic, canister, upright, car, and small or handheld vacuum cleaners with power suction and dual functionality of dry vacuuming and wet mopping.


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