5 Gorgeous Colours from Asian Paints for Your Home

5 Gorgeous Colours from Asian Paints for Your Home

5 Gorgeous Colours from Asian Paints for Your Home


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Choosing the hues for your home can make or mar your home’s overall vibe or aesthetics. Colours affect your mood and set the tone of your space. Hence, you must take your own sweet time to choose hues for your home that genuinely make you feel inspired, refreshed and at home.

Asian Paints understands how important wall colours are and hence their wide selection of hues ensures that there is a colour for every type of person. Are you choosing paint for walls of your family room or living room? Looking for hues which will be a hit amongst all your family members?

We have decided to make your job easier by bringing to you 5 stylish colours by Asian Paints which are perfect for families.

Lilac Frost 

Looking for a pale neutral wall paint colour which will make your eclectic furniture stand out? Then Lilac Frost is a perfect colour choice for you. This colour is perfect for people who have contemporary, industrial, minimalist or bohemian-themed houses. Lilac Frost is a pale beige colour with a blue undertone which instantly makes a space radiate a calm and grounding energy.
You can consider pairing midnight blue or hunter green with this hue as they will complement this hue.

Meadow Path

Are people in your house nature enthusiast? Then this deep green hue from the Asian Paints Catalogue will make you and your family feel at peace and transform your home into a peaceful oasis. Meadow Path is a perfect hue for people who have beach houses, mountain cabins or lake houses. This hue is also perfect for people who have an earthy colour palette inside their homes.
This hue pairs well with grey, ivory, cream, beige and other muted hues. If you are sceptical about painting all your walls in this deep hue, you can consider using it for your accent walls in your living room, bedroom or dining area.

Pumpkin Harvest 

Are you looking for loud and statement wall paints for your living room or dining room which will instantly make your space look bright, cheerful and full of energy? Pumpkin Harvest is a statement yellow-orange hue that is perfect for people who have midcentury modern, modern or vintage-themed houses.
You can either go for eclectic maximalism kind of furniture or minimalistic wood furniture for rooms which are painted with this hue.

Acai Berry-N

Love the colour of your acai bowl? Acai Berry- N is an acai bowl-inspired paint for walls which is perfect for bedrooms. This romantic and soft light berry hue is a crowd-pleaser and a colour that will be a hit amongst all your family members.
Want to spice up your kitchen or powder room décor? Why not use this unexpected hue in your kitchen or powder room and make your guests swoon? Make sure that you keep the rest of the décor of the room simple so that it allows this unique colour to be the highlight of the room.

Lucid Dream 

Just like its name, this hue from the Asian Paints Catalogue is dreamy, whimsical and romantic. Who says that blush walls are feminine and cannot be used for family rooms? You can now paint your bedroom, powder room or living room in Lucid Dream to give your home a soft and enigmatic vibe. This hue will instantly make your space emit a warm, safe and calming vibe.
A pro tip is to use hues like white, green and warm neutrals for the rest of the décor of the room as they pair well with this muted hue.

So, which of these hues are you planning to introduce to your space in 2022? Browse through Asian Paint Catalogue to seek inspiration for your new home interior.


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