Here is Why You Need to Check Your Walls for Moisture before Monsoons

Here is Why You Need to Check Your Walls for Moisture before Monsoons

Here is Why You Need to Check Your Walls for Moisture before Monsoons


The monsoons are round the corner as it makes nature look much greener and fresher after a cruel summer. At the same time, the rains can also cause significant damage to your home, especially the walls. Issues like leaks, cracks, mould, fungus growth,, high humidity, and so on can be a source of distress for occupants. One can notice moulds and fungus growth due to the presence of too much moisture inside the walls of your home.

When it comes to doors and windows, many homeowners prefer to go for UPVC doors and windows. UPVC windows not just look elegant, affordable, but also are durable and last for several years. But with monsoons coming soon you may be at risk when there are chances of these doors and windows getting damaged due to seepage of water through the exterior walls and entering the windows and doors. Use these simple remedies to get your home monsoon-ready and create a healthy indoor environment.

Look for dampness in the walls and ceilings

To begin with, carefully examine your home for signs of dampness. This could be damp patches on the walls or the ceilings, withering paint, or white mineral deposits on the walls. After identifying the areas affected by dampness, investigate the possible causes of water seepage, such as cracked wall and ceiling surfaces, leaking pipes, or deteriorated tile grout. It is crucial to promptly repair any leaking pipes, fix any cracks or damaged surfaces, or re-grout the tiles to prevent further water damage.

Test the level of dampness

The next step is to test the dampness levels. Just the way a thermometer detects whether you have a fever or not, a concrete moisture metre is a great way to detect the level of moisture hidden in the walls. Homeshield Moisture Metre allows you to check if there is any moisture content in the walls or not.

Apply a Waterproof Coating to the roof and Exterior Walls

It is extremely important to apply a waterproof coating to both the exterior walls and the roofs to prevent water seepage. A high-quality waterproof finish will act as a barrier between your home and rainwater.  This will effectively prevent dampening of the walls. Similarly, If you want to tackle dampness in internal walls, another effective option is to waterproof the roof to prevent roofs from dampness. The surface of terraces are particularly susceptible to water accumulation, especially during harsh weather conditions, which can cause leakage and moist patches on the inside of your building.

Check for plumbing leaks

Leaking pipes or plumbing, including those within your walls could be the reason for the dampness in your home. If you notice that only one wall or room is consistently damp, it is essential to check for any water or sewage pipe leaks in your home to address the issue.

Minimise the use of Air Condition

Keeping the air-conditioner on for a long time can result in dampness of the walls when there is excess moisture that condenses on cooler surfaces. To prevent this, it is vital to avoid setting your AC temperature too low, which can make the walls excessively cold.


If you are worried about the dampness wreaking havoc in your home during monsoon, then waterproofing solutions will keep dampness at bay. With the help of you can be rest assured that your waterproofing needs will be taken care of properly, even if you cannot see any visible signs of moisture. This will not only protect your home and help you save money on future repairs but also maintain its aesthetic appeal even after the monsoon season comes to an end. As an architect or interior designer, it is crucial to consider both the durability and aesthetics of the home. Therefore, it is essential to waterproof the walls and roof with appropriate solutions during the construction or renovation phase.

Our professionals will assist you with the work from start to finish and beyond. Our team has the required skills and tools to ensure a thorough and a long-lasting waterproofing job. In the process, if you are also looking for UPVC windows in Bangalore, then feel free to talk to our experts.


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