5 Benefits of Having North Facing Entrance

5 Benefits of Having North Facing Entrance

5 Benefits of Having North Facing Entrance


Vastu shastra is important in India when it comes to home purchases. In fact, many homeowners spend a significant amount of money to have the interiors of their homes vastu compliant. A house with a north-facing orientation is already lucky. But how can you tell if your house layout faces north? Please contact our specialists if you want to learn more about it. We are one of the best  house construction company in Bangalore. So if you’re thinking about building your dream home, you can talk with us. Continue reading for vastu advice for homes that face north to make it even more beneficial. You can also speak to us if you have any clarifications regarding house construction cost in Bangalore

Vastu shastra says every property is unique, and every individual is different. It is a general assumption that an east-facing house is suitable for freelancers or self-employed folks. Moreover, the sun also has an influence over the east direction.

Doors and windows occupy an important place in Vastu shastra. The size and the location form an important crux for any home.

Having a north-facing entrance can provide several benefits to a home or property.  Here are some of the advantages of having a north-facing entrance.

Energy efficient and natural light

An entrance that faces north gets plenty of natural light all day long, but notably in the mornings and afternoons. By reducing the need for artificial lighting, the natural light can help the area become more energy-efficient. Additionally, because the entry is shielded from the sun’s glare, it can assist keep the interior cooler, minimising the need for frequent usage of the air conditioner during hot weather.

Maintain a balanced temperature

Compared to other orientations, doorways facing north typically receive less direct sunlight. As a result of avoiding the heat gain brought on by exposure to direct sunshine, this might lead to a more stable and comfortable temperature within the house. In areas with hot summers or at those times of year, this can be especially helpful.

Improved ventilation

The predominant winds, or so-called “Westerly winds,” are frequently brought in from the north in numerous areas. Homes with entrances facing north can benefit from prevailing breezes, improving cross-ventilation throughout the house. This will make the surroundings more pleasant and energising while also improving the quality of the indoor air.

Minimise glare and sun damage

A north-facing entry helps reduce glare inside the house by avoiding direct exposure to the sun’s powerful beams. This lessens eye strain and allows for cosy natural lighting without the limitations of high glare, which is especially advantageous for areas with large windows or glass facades.The furniture, priceless artwork, and other interior components are also shielded from fading or damage brought on by prolonged exposure to bright sunlight.

Enhanced Vastu Principles

Homes with north-facing doorways are thought to be lucky according to ancient Indian Vastu ideas. Homes facing this direction are thought to draw good fortune, success, and wealth. According to Vastu, the north is linked to the planet Mercury, which is linked to successful communication, intelligence, and business. These ideas are in line with a north-facing entry, therefore individuals who adhere to these customs favour it as an option.


It’s important to note that while a north-facing entrance has its advantages, the overall design, location, and the orientation of a building should be considered holistically, taking into account various factors such as climate, site conditions, and individual preferences. If you are planning to remodel your home, do get in touch with us as we are one of the reputed house construction company in Bangalore.


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