These Home Updates Mean the Most to Buyers

These Home Updates Mean the Most to Buyers

These Home Updates Mean the Most to Buyers


Buyers are becoming pickier, looking for properties that fit everything they need before they put in a bid.  This has led many sellers to desperately try everything they can to cater to these tastes: but what do they want?

These home updates are what matter the most to the average buyer. 

Updated Roof

How old is your roof?  The older the roof, the more risk there is for leaking, broken shingles, critters getting into your attic, and so much more.  Buyers see an older roof and immediately subtract tens of thousands of dollars off of the value of the property.  Although this can seem unfair: you can add a lot of value by simply updating this portion of your property. 

Newer Windows

How old are your windows?  The older, the higher risk your home is for drafts and wind.  Check your windows for drafts, cracks, and any other issues that could lead to your HVAC system working in overdrive.  When you ask yourself, what is my home worth?’ your windows will have a large say in it. 

If your windows are newer, take the time to deep clean them and get rid of any crud on the windows themselves and the frames around them.  Simply deep cleaning a ten-year-old window can make it look brand new.  

Updated Siding

Siding is a large part of the value of your home.  Not only does it affect your home’s gorgeous exterior, but it also affects what moisture, temperature fluctuations, and insect life can make their way inside.  Update your siding and go for a clean and attractive look that will be alluring to buyers.  Although you can go for a classic black and white home, earthy greens have been the most popular colors in the last couple of years.

A Fantastic Kitchen

When’s the last time your kitchen had an update?  You don’t have to do a full kitchen overhaul: a smaller kitchen update brings a higher return on investment and gives you the chance to clear the slate on this room and make it look fresh and new.  

Another plus to a small remodel is that the buyers have room to put their own fingerprints on this house by updating any further changes they want, something a lot of buyers really look for in a home.

Maintained Lawns

Maintain your lawn as well as possible before you start to list your home.  This is a free update you can make that will eventually pay off in adding thousands to your home’s value.  Take the time to mow your grass, edge the lawn, trim back any hedges and bushes, and get rid of any dying or dead plants.

You can take this further by power washing walkways, sidewalks, and any brick or siding.  This change will make the entire exterior of your property look brand new to any buyers. 

Your Property Could be a Buyer’s Dream! 

You don’t have to worry about selling if you create a property that speaks to the buyer’s needs.  Don’t forget these updates when you’re preparing your property to sell.


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