Aspects to Consider When Buying a Coffee Table

Aspects to Consider When Buying a Coffee Table

Aspects to Consider When Buying a Coffee Table


Coffee tables serve many purposes and are utilised for a variety of purposes. They are one of the first locations where books, keys, and propped-up feet accumulate. The material, size, shape, and features of the table you choose can affect how well it functions and lasts for your family. As you search for the ideal coffee table for you and your family, remember that it can become a focal point of the room or a forgotten piece of furniture.


The coffee tables in the living and family rooms are used differently, with the family room coffee tables receiving more wear and tear. Keep this in mind, as the placement of the coffee table is essential to choosing the correct one.

Depending on how you’ve decorated your living room, you might prefer a more formal coffee table. More delicate and fragile surfaces, such as glass, can be used in living rooms.

A family room requires a more durable coffee table. It is also smart to consider storage options, such as cabinets. The tabletop must be durable because spilt refreshments and resting feet on the table are more common in casual contexts. Because of their fragility and susceptibility to smudges and blemishes, glass surfaces are typically unsuitable for family rooms. Glass table surfaces without frames pose a risk of sharp corners, particularly if you have young children. Heavy-traffic areas can also result in the scratching of delicate surfaces.


When shopping for a coffee table, you will become aware of the variety of material options available. Wood is the material that immediately comes to mind, but you are not limited to wood if you choose not to.

Examine the room and other pieces of furniture to determine which material would appear best:

  • Acrylic and glass can make a compact room appear more spacious.
  • Metal’s lustre can attain the same objective. In a contemporary room, glass, acrylic, metal, and stone also appear excellent.
  • In a traditional room, darker wood, such as mahogany or walnut, or materials like marble and metal can look excellent.
  • Leather or synthetic leather works well in various contexts and is simple to maintain.
  • Consider the durability and safety of the material, particularly if you have young children.


There are numerous available coffee table shapes. While the geometry of the room can play a role in selecting a coffee table, the seating arrangement should be your primary concern.

  • For smaller rooms, a rectangular or round coffee table in Singapore works well.
  • For large seating configurations, such as large sectionals or a large settee and a love seat, square or round coffee tables are ideal.
  • Children benefit from round or oval tables because they lack pointed corners.
  • Abstract tables, such as those with triangular shapes, lend a new dimension to the look and feel of a room and pair well with standard-sized sofas or modular sectionals.


The scale of your coffee table should be proportional to the rest of the room’s furnishings, particularly the sofa or sectional it will face. The appearance and design of the table must complement the manner of the surrounding furniture, whether contemporary, modern, etc.

Consider both the scale and the actual measurements when choosing a size. Select a coffee table that is less than two-thirds the length of your sofa. Important to note is to leave sufficient space around the coffee table for leg room. Allow at least 45cm between the table and the divan.

Ideally, your coffee table should be at or below the height of your sofa’s backrest. If it is lower, it should be between one and two inches shorter than the seat cushion of your sofa.


The price of coffee tables varies widely based on their material, the manufacturer’s brand, and their functionality. Before beginning your quest for the ideal coffee table for you and your residence, it is wise to determine your budget and how much you can spend.

If you’re just moving into a new flat or house, you can find less costly and more budget-friendly coffee tables. However, be aware that they will not last as long, but they can serve as a substitute until you can afford a superior one.


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