SEO vs Google Ads. Detailed Comparison, which is the best?

SEO vs Google Ads. Detailed Comparison, which is the best?

SEO vs Google Ads. Detailed Comparison, which is the best?


Should I choose SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or Google Ads for my marketing campaign?

A question every business finds dreadful.

The argument regarding which one’s the best has long reached its end. Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, finding the answers that you look for has less to do with SEO and Google Ads themselves and more to do with your individual needs and plans.

That being said, its always a great idea to know the pros and cons and weigh your options accordingly.

So, If you’re looking for a detailed comparison and wish to find out which option fits your business scenarioperfectly, we got you!

What is SEO and Google Ads?

Considering how both SEO and Google Ads are supposed to improve brand awareness and both has something to do with appearing on top of the SERPs  (search engine results page), they are relatively similar, but they work on strictly segregated areas.

SEOis a method to improve your website’s organic rankings on search engines like Google.

Google Ads are paid advertisements on Google that appear on top an SERP before organic results.

On top of this, the way both of these methods work is completely different too,so let’s start with some guidance.

How does SEO work?

Since SEO is a technique to rank on Search Engines, you must first understand how search engines work in order to fully grasp how SEO works. Search engines use an algorithm to determine which pages get pulled from the index and displayed in the search engine results. An algorithm is nothing more than a set of rules made to ensure effective problem solving. In this case, the problems are the “search queries” which get solved when search engines fetch the most relevant results to match the keywords or phrases used in the search query. Google’s mission;

“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Remains the same to this day. Which means by following holistic SEO practices you can easily get to the top of organic rankings without any doubts.

SEO, itself, is based primarily on four basic pillars – Technical SEO, On-site SEO, Off-site SEO, Content –which collectively and spontaneously determine your rank on the SERPs, depending on how well your site is built on them.   

Technical SEO – is entirely based on your website’s architectural elements like sitemaps, meta directives, page speed and site structure. The more efficient your website structure, the better results it will bring through crawlers and indexing.

On-site SEO – is all about the way your actual web page looks and whether it delivers what needs to be delivered. Simply put, it depends on page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, and internal links.

Off-site SEO –ak a link building. Link building is necessary to improve your web presence and domain authority. It increases your trustworthiness with Google, which means you get to rank better.

Content –even though its being mentioned in last, it is by far the most important part of any SEO strategy, why? Because, quality content = better rankings on Google.

How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads are precisely what we call a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service. Although, there may be some technicalities and not everyone can handle a Google Ads account,the process itself is pretty straightforward.

Google Ads account – this is a given, you have to make an account on Google Ads to initiate your campaign.

Bidding –PPC is all about bidding. You choose a keywords that aligns with your business niche and bid for it to place your ad. The higher the bid the higher your ad appears among all the other ads. The bid you place is also the amount of money you will have to pay every time someone clicks on your ad.

Ad copy – like in the case of any other piece of copy writing your ad copy has to be compelling enough to attract prospect customers and advertise all the right aspects of your products or services to bring in sales.

Quality score – as always Google makes sure the web page is as relevant as could be to the search keywords. Quality score is a way to determine that your ad is in line with the keyword you’re aiming for, if the ad has good quality score you can also get a discount on the bid you placed.

The Conclusion

The effectiveness of any digital marketing technique depends on how thoroughly you plan it to align with your business needs.

The final verdict to the comparison between SEO and Google Ads is that both have their own benefits and drawbacks.All the above-mentioned information is to assist in making an informed decision, one that would fit your specific circumstances as a business. Nevertheless, SEO does take more priority and brownie points!

All-in-all in the digital landscape SEO remains as important as ever, while Google Ads have brought a competitive edge for all businesses to profit over.

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