Make a Note of These Things Before You Travel to the UK After the Pandemic

Make a Note of These Things Before You Travel to the UK After the Pandemic

Make a Note of These Things Before You Travel to the UK After the Pandemic


The United Kingdom is diverse, with a lot to explore at any given time of the year. The plus side of the UK’s summers being erratic is that the winters are relatively mild. There are a lot of cities and towns, castles, and delicious food too.

While planning for your next trip to the UK, remember to get yourself insured through a trustworthy company like Bajaj travel insurance.

Additionally, it would help if you keep in mind that travelling to any country after the pandemic has covid regulations. Here’s what you need to know and what you can expect while travelling to the UK:

The current situation

The United Kingdom has had some of the most Covid-19-related casualties worldwide, leading to multiple lockdowns. The Omicron coronavirus variant spread quickly across the UK early in 2022.

Since then, all cases have been dropped, and restrictions on Covid have been lifted in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Hence, at the moment, there are no restrictions on international travel to the UK because of Covid.

What’s there to see?

One of the best cities in the world is in the UK. But there is much more to see than just the architecture and nightlife of the capital.

For example, you can visit the rough peaks of the Scottish Highlands, the faraway lakes of Wales, and the vast beaches of Cornwall. You can also visit historic towns and cities like Bath, Oxford, and Harrogate.

Do you need to carry travel insurance?

Buying travel insurance from India to the UK is not made compulsory by law yet [1]. However, spending beyond your budget is the last thing you want on holiday! Moreover, there would be a host of other benefits of travel insurance that you should not understate. Therefore, it’s always wise to have valid travel insurance that will protect you against all odds.

Who can go?

Anyone can visit the UK without additional testing or quarantine requirements, regardless of whether they have taken the vaccination. 

What are the restrictions on international travel to the UK?

  • Currently, there are no Covid-related restrictions
  • Tourists arriving in UK no longer need to fill out a passenger locator form 

Places on the red list

The UK puts places into red and green lists. On the “red” list right now are no countries.

Some people from red-list countries were supposed to have to stay in hotels for quarantine. At the end of March 2022, the infrastructure for hotel quarantine was “fully shut down.”

Back in March, the UK government said that it would “keep a range of contingency measures in reserve” that could be used if new coronavirus variants were to become dangerous. 

Countries on the green list

Any destination that isn’t on the red list is considered green, so all destinations are now green. However, even though a destination is green, only some travellers from the UK would be allowed to go there.

Anyone can enter the UK from green list countries, regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated. There are no other tests or quarantine requirements.

What if you test positive for Covid?

If you are in the UK and test positive for Covid-19, you will no longer be required by law to stay alone. People who test positive in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland may be requested to stay home and away from other people. Please note that many insurance companies like Bajaj travel insurance now provide coverage for Covid, and it would be a good idea to get yourself insured.

To sum up, travelling to the UK post-pandemic is now free of complications thanks to the upliftment of all covid restrictions.

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