Can A Doctor Refuse To See Your Injuries After A Car Accident?

Can A Doctor Refuse To See Your Injuries After A Car Accident?

Can A Doctor Refuse To See Your Injuries After A Car Accident?


Imagine you were badly injured in a car accident, and you visit your doctor so you can start your treatment. However, the doctor says they do not treat people involved in motor accidents. You may be surprised to know that many family physicians often do not treat injuries that arise from cases of accident.

If you are not sure how to get your injuries treated and documented or have questions about how to proceed, you can seek help from a personal injury lawyer near me.

Can a doctor legally refuse to treat your injuries after a car accident?

Usually, doctors are required to treat all patients that visit them. However, there are a few exceptions. Yes, doctors are not legally required to agree to treat car accident injuries. If it is not a case of emergency, doctors can refuse to treat whomever they want.

Why is your doctor refusing to treat your injuries?

Some hospitals or other practices may have a strict policy regarding accident victims. They may have a rule of not treating patients associated with car accidents due to all the extra work, such as paperwork, billing, and telephone calls. This reason is purely administrative.

Another reason why your doctor may refuse treatment is due to billing issues. They may simply reject seeing you because it is too complicated to bill auto insurance companies for medical care than a health insurance company. They may also be worried that they may not get paid.

One of the very common reasons doctors may refuse to treat your injuries is that they do not want to risk being in a lawsuit. Insurance companies can be aggressive, and there have been many cases where large insurance companies have ruined the careers of physicians who see accident victims.

How to find a doctor for your accident injuries?

Just because your doctor has refused to diagnose and treat your injuries does not mean you do not have any options left. It is vital to find an experienced medical professional to treat and document your injuries as they are an integral part of a case.

When your doctor refuses to treat you, search for one who regularly treats accident victims. Your regular physician may be able to suggest the name of a doctor. But if they do not, you can reach out to an attorney to discuss your situation, and they may be able to link you with a suitable doctor. An attorney can also provide a letter of protection stating that the bills will be paid after the lawsuit settlement.


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