Car accident in Seattle: Questions to ask personal injury attorneys

Car accident in Seattle: Questions to ask personal injury attorneys

Car accident in Seattle: Questions to ask personal injury attorneys


You were injured in an unfortunate car accident. Your immediate step should be about calling the local police. If someone requires medical attention, call 911 without delay, and do not leave the accident scene. Once the dust settles and you have got an official accident report, you need to call an experienced Seattle personal injury attorney for help. Below are some important questions to ask an injury attorney after your car crash.

1. Do I have a valid claim?

Just because you were injured doesn’t mean you can blame the other driver. There must be solid evidence to prove that the other party was negligent. A skilled attorney can check the basic details and other information to determine the worth and validity of your claim.

2. What if I had a share in fault?

If you were speeding but the other driver was considerably negligent and hit your vehicle, you may still have a valid car accident claim. Washington follows the pure comparative negligence rule. If your fault is more than the other party, you can still recover something in compensation, but your fault will reduce your awarded settlement.

3. How long do I have to take action?

The statute of limitations in Washington allows three years to bring injury lawsuits after a crash. If you don’t take action within that period, your case will be dismissed. Accomplished attorneys usually recommend taking the right steps without delay. They can also give an overview of what to expect in compensation and if the matter can end in trial.

4. What is your experience with similar cases?

You need an injury lawyer with experience. Besides their ability to guide you on your rights, the lawyer must be a good litigator with a proven track record. An attorney’s experience is key to winning a fair settlement, so don’t hesitate to ask relevant questions. You must also ask if the attorney has represented clients at trial.

5. How much do you charge as your fee?

Nearly all personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee. The lawyer gets a part of the settlement – typically less than 40% – as their fee if and when they win a settlement for the client. There could be other expenses related to the case, and your lawyer can help with that.

Don’t delay calling an attorney after the accident. They can investigate the accident to gather evidence for your case.


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