What Possibilities Occur when both parties to an accident are at Fault

What Possibilities Occur when both parties to an accident are at Fault

What Possibilities Occur when both parties to an accident are at Fault


In case you were a victim of an accident where you had suffered several injuries, consider looking forward to filing a lawsuit against the negligent party. A thing about accidents is that no one would agree to their mistake. Both the parties to the accident would consider filing a compensation claim for the injuries and damages suffered by them respectively.

In such a scenario, who would have a higher chance of winning the lawsuit? The question would have several possibilities to consider. Let us delve into a few essential possibilities where both the parties had suffered injuries and damages.

Who suffered more severe injuries?

The Ohio lawyers would determine the severity of injuries suffered by their clients. It would be a huge determining aspect when it comes to filing a lawsuit against the other party to an accident. Therefore, when you had met with an accident and suffered injuries, consider looking for immediate medical assistance. It would also be pertinent that you look for a medical practitioner who has experience in dealing with accidental injuries. It would help you get a detailed description of the injuries suffered in the accident. The detailed medical certificate would be used in determining the compensation amount.

Who seeks the representation of an experienced lawyer?

If an experienced injury lawyer represents you in the case, your chances of winning a fair compensation would be significantly higher. It would be essential that your injury lawyer have adequate experience and knowledge in handling injury cases. The experience of the injury lawyer would add to your benefits, especially when the other party does not have an attorney or you were dealing with insurance lawyers.

Mostly, the injury cases are settled out of court to avoid heavy fines and court fees. Therefore, consider hiring an experienced injury lawyer to represent you during negotiations and if the need arises, in the court of law as well.

What are your chances if the negotiations fail?

Your choice of injury lawyer would determine your chances of winning a fair compensation claim from the insurance company of the negligent party. In case, the negotiations fail, your competent injury lawyer should be willing to take the claim to the court of law. In such an event, your severe injuries could get you fair compensation and a heavy fine on the negligent party.

However, in most cases, to avoid the verdict of the court, which could go in either favor, the injury lawyers and the insurance companies would amicably settle on a fair compensation outside the court.


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