Top-Performing Unlisted Companies, Along with Their Share Price in India

Top-Performing Unlisted Companies, Along with Their Share Price in India

Top-Performing Unlisted Companies, Along with Their Share Price in India


India has more than 14 lakh unlisted companies that offer unlisted shares for investors. Basically, unlisted shares are the ones that are not traded in any recognised stock exchange. With adequate planning, investors can gain high returns by investing in unlisted shares of the company. Existing investors should keep track of the performance of unlisted companies to expand their revenue horizon.

Let’s take a look at the top-performing unlisted companies:

HDFC Securities Limited

A leading private sector bank in India, HDFC introduces HDFC Securities as an investing platform for customers. It offers a range of investment options such as stock, commodities, derivatives and others. For the September Quarter end, HDFC earned gross revenue of Rs. 603 crores while back in September 2022 Rs. 468 crore. Investors might look forward to buy unlisted shares of HDFC looking at growing revenue.

Current Unlisted Share price: INR 11,770

NSE  (National Stock Exchange of India Limited)

The National Stock Exchange or NSE is one of the largest stock exchanges in India established in 1992. It actively lets investors buy and sell financial products like stocks, commodities and derivatives. According to Times of India, NSE reports a profit of Rs. 7,356 crore in FY 2023 with a jump of 42%, in 2022 the net profit was Rs. 5,198 cr. If you want to buy the unlisted shares of NSE, look for any reliable unlisted share broker like Stockify for investment.

Current Unlisted Share price: INR 3600

Hero Fincorp 

The company deals with different consumer-based loans, such as unsecured business loans, two-wheeler, personal, car and home loans. In FY 2022-23, the total Hero Fincorp revenue grew by 34%  to increase up to 6,448 crore INR. It shows the company’s increase in fee-based income.

Current Market Price: INR 1,257

Waaree Energies Limited

Waaree Energies Limited is one of the leading solar panel manufacturers to cater for the demands of multiple sectors in India. Incorporated in 1990, Waaree Energies is a part of Waaree Group to deliver overseas solar products. The company declared revenue of INR  351 crore for FY 2023.

Current Market Price: INR 995

Tata Tech ( Tata Technologies)

Tata Technologies is a part of Tata Group and a subsidiary of Tata Motors, it was founded in 1989. The company offers product engineering and development services to different sectors. Tata Technologies’ income from operations on  March 31, 2023, was INR 4,414 crore and its net worth was INR  2,989 crore.

Current Unlisted Share price: INR 850

HDB Financial Service Limited 

One of the recognised non-banking how to transfer crypto to bank account catering for the services of commercial and retail clients. It is the subsidiary of the top private bank of India HDFC. HDB Financial Services earned a revenue of over Rs. 12,402 crores for FY 2023, increased at the rate of 9.69% from FY 2022.

Current Unlisted Share price: INR 669

Capital Small Finance Bank

Capital Small Finance Bank is India’s first Small Finance Bank founded in 2016 aiming to bring modern banking facilities to rural areas at lower costs. The net interest income in FY 2023 was INR 322 crore while in 2022 it was 256 crore INR.

Current Unlisted Share price: INR 417

Tata Capital Limited

It is a financial service provider in India and a subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited.  Tata Capital provides an array of services, such as consumer loans, private equity, commercial finance, investment banking, treasury advisory, and credit cards. For FY 2022- 2023, Tata Capital declared a gross income of Rs 7,939 crore.

Current Unlisted Share price: INR 471

CARE Health Insurance

Care Health Insurance is one of the recognised health insurer companies to offer services of retail insurance for corporates, financial inclusion, and individual customers. For the fourth quarter of 2023, the company earned a net direct profit of Rs. 1,201.59 crore.

Current Unlisted Share price: INR 182

Chennai Super Kings(CSK)

CSK was incorporated in 2014 as a subsidiary of India Cements Limited. It is one of the leading franchises in the Indian Premier League to mark high records. Statista report states that CSK Limited for FY 2023 reported over INR 2.9 illion in total revenue. In 2022, its revenue was over INR 34 lakh INR which shows a great jump.

Current Unlisted Share price: INR 161

Plan Your Investment In Unlisted Shares For High Returns

As we have gone through the top unlisted companies & their growing revenue, investing in pre-IPO shares will yield high returns. If you are looking forward to investing in unlisted shares, keep track of the share price as it is subject to change based on market forces. Try the best unlisted stock trading platforms for a seamless trading experience like Stockify. It can help you in analysing financial metrics of unlisted companies to shortlist a profitable deal for you.


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