The Best Payment Processing Solutions for Car Dealers

The Best Payment Processing Solutions for Car Dealers

The Best Payment Processing Solutions for Car Dealers


The automotive industry is one of the most competitive markets today. Although there was a slight dip in sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the last 2 years, things are slowly getting back on track and consumers are out to invest in new cars that will allow them to get from point A to B safely and in style.

As an automotive dealership, you have to prepare for this surge in consumers and make sure that you can give them the best experience possible. One of the best ways to do that is by choosing the right high-risk merchant account in addition to the right payment processing solution.

Car dealerships need custom payment processing solutions in order to accommodate the many touchpoints with a customer before finalizing the sale of a car. Additionally, a dealership often features multiple departments with different payment processing needs, so finding one that can integrate all the functions in an auto dealership is key.

Auto Dealership Payment Processing Options

First Card Payments

If you’re a high-risk merchant and you need a reliable payment processing partner, First Card Payments should be your first call.

Known as one of the best  high-risk merchant account processors  in the market today, this company offers low fees, high approval rates, and a quick setup, so you can integrate your payment processor into your existing system and start processing payments for clients.

This is why First Card Payments has been trusted by big names in business and featured in Yahoo!


Designed specifically for auto dealerships, DealerPay is a specialist in this niche, which means they know exactly how to meet your specific requirements.

The company has extensive experience working with car dealerships, so you can guarantee that their entire system is focused on giving you the best service possible.

DealerPay also has a pay share system, which helps you to cut down or save on transaction fees, especially on larger transactions. You even have the option to offer loyalty plans or rewards to promote brand loyalty and keep your customers happy with your dealership.


Offering a seamless payment processing solution for different types of businesses, PaymentVision stands out because of its branded mobile payment feature that allows you to customize your payment processing solution specifically for your auto dealership.

It also integrates well with some of the most popular third-party software and it accepts all major payment methods, making it convenient for you and your customers. Although PaymentVision doesn’t post its rates online, you can easily ask for a quote depending on your needs. 


Based in California, PaymentCloud is one of those payment processing providers that can offer specialized solutions for different niches. So, if you’re an automobile dealership, you can have PaymentCloud create a solution that will really fit your business requirements.

This payment processing gateway also accepts major payment methods such as Amex, MasterCard, Visa, and even Apple Pay.

So, if you’re an automotive dealership that wants to improve your payment processing system and prepare for global auto trends, make sure to check out these top payment processing solutions that will surely fit your business needs.


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