Slip and fall accident in Jersey City: 5 tasks of your lawyer

Slip and fall accident in Jersey City: 5 tasks of your lawyer

Slip and fall accident in Jersey City: 5 tasks of your lawyer


If you tripped and injured yourself on someone else’s premises in Jersey City, you should ask one important question – Why did the accident happen? If the property owner didn’t maintain the premises and there were hazards along the route, they are liable for your situation. In such cases, filing a claim and asking for compensation is the best step forward. In this post, we are discussing the five tasks of a slip and fall attorney in Jersey City.

Offer a free case evaluation

Most law firms that deal with personal injury lawsuits in the city don’t ask for a fee when a potential claimant wants a consultation. An attorney is expected to do an assessment, which will include evaluating every aspect of the accident and determining what damages you can cover. Depending on the facts of the case, you could recover both economic and non-economic losses.

Educate you

From telling you about the statute of limitations in New Jersey to your rights, an attorney is expected to answer your questions and educate you further. You can expect the lawyer to be patient with listening to your story and give you a list of dos and don’ts to follow.

Investigate the accident

Claimants are responsible for providing information and evidence for a slip-and-fall accident. You are required to have details that prove the fault and liability of the premise owner or manager. The most challenging part is the investigation, which your attorney can deal with. They will hire expert witnesses as required and will talk to people who were at the scene when the accident happened. They may even hire professionals specializing in accident reconstruction.

Negotiate the settlement

Commercial insurance companies are infamous for using various tactics to undermine and downplay claims, and it is always advisable to let an attorney negotiate on your part. The lawyer will ensure the claims adjuster doesn’t pressure you to give a recorded statement or accept the first offer. They will also ensure all losses are covered.

File a lawsuit

Your lawyer will file a lawsuit against the property owner if the insurance offer is insufficient. In many cases, going to trial is the most effective option to recover a full settlement. If the matter is in court, the lawyer will ensure there is evidence and information to prove the claim.

Call a local attorney in Jersey City right after the fall. You have to act immediately to strengthen the case.


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