Common Insurance Company Tricks You Should Know

Common Insurance Company Tricks You Should Know

Common Insurance Company Tricks You Should Know


What crosses your mind at first in the midst of a car accident? Even if it was not your fault, you must continue to make a car accident claim by contacting the insurance company.

Will the insurance adjuster help you and provide you with the compensation you deserve for your claim? Unfortunately, they will not. They will use strategies to reduce the reimbursement for your claim. Insurance was not always a multibillion-dollar industry, but it is now. The insurance business came to be by holding most of your money in their own pockets. Therefore, if you want to receive the compensation you deserve in a car accident, you should contact a personal injury lawyer.

Common Insurance Company Strategies You Should Know

There are three ways Insurance companies make money:

  • Deny: They reject anything they are capable of paying for, in whole or in part, to save money.
  • Delay: In order to keep paying claimants, insurance companies will do as many tests, investigations, and paperwork as they can. This provides two benefits. Initially, people receive interest on the funds that they have no right to keep while they wait.

Second, injured people get more desperate the longer they wait. Many injured individuals forcefully accept less than they deserve in order to pay their bills because their family’s economy has been disturbed.

  • Defend: Even on small claims. The insurers present the most powerful defense they can if the claimant questions anything or puts up a fight.

Many delusions about what wounded persons could expect when they file an appropriate insurance claim have been promoted by insurance firms’ marketing.

Here is an outline of some of the common tactics insurance companies use while implementing the deny, delay, and defend strategy.

  1. Getting Auto Accident Victims to Contact a Lawyer Before They Do

Adjusters have undergone specialized training on how to see injured claimants as soon as possible. In order to build rapport, they try to “educate” them on how claims work and begin submitting a claim on their own.

The main objective of this system is to prevent claimants from hiring lawyers. A skilled auto accident attorney will force the insurance provider to reimburse their client for the whole amount promised.

  1. Promote Fear To Prevent Claimants From Consulting An Attorney

Furthermore, adjusters are instructed to tell customers that hiring an attorney will make their claims settle “a lot longer.” That is accurate, of course, given that insurance companies would stop at nothing to avoid paying claims that are actually valued more than they are.

Additionally, adjusters tell claimants that lawyers are going to ask for between 25 and 40 percent of their payment. However, they fail to point out that cases handled by attorneys often end in a 350% return to the parties involved.


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