Is the Lemosho route 7 or 8 days?

Is the Lemosho route 7 or 8 days?

Is the Lemosho route 7 or 8 days?


Among the various Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes available, the Lemosho Route is popular among visitors for its stunning vistas and effective acclimatization profile.

However, climbers often find themselves wondering whether to opt for a 7-day or 8-day journey on the Lemosho Route Kilimanjaro. This read here aims to simplify the decision, ensuring your Kilimanjaro Climbing experience is both achievable and enjoyable.

An Overview of the Lemosho Route

The Lemosho Route is celebrated for its scenic beauty, winding through lush rainforests, and vast alpine deserts before reaching the icy summit of Uhuru Peak.  The route is designed to help climbers adjust to the altitude and is a primary choice for climbers targeting the summit successfully.

7-Day Lemosho Route

Opting for the 7-day version of the Lemosho Route means you’re setting a brisk pace across Kilimanjaro’s varied terrains.

It’s best suited for climbers who are not only in good physical shape but also have some experience with high-altitude environments. This accelerated schedule means your body has less time to adjust to the thinner air found at higher elevations.

  • Starts at Lemosho Gate and ends at Mweka Gate.
  • The more accelerated Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages, suited for those with prior high-altitude experience.
  • Bypasses certain scenic spots for a faster ascent.
  • Ideal for climbers with robust stamina and some experience with altitude.
  • Offers a good to very good success rate, influenced by individual preparedness.

8-Day Lemosho Route

For a more measured and enriching Mount Kilimanjaro climbing experience, the 8-day Lemosho Route is the preferred choice. This extended version affords an additional day for acclimatization, significantly impacting your comfort and success rate as you ascend.

  • Also starts at Lemosho Gate, ending at Mweka Gate, but includes an additional day for acclimatization.
  • The pace is moderate, allowing climbers to fully immerse in the journey and scenery.
  • Includes unique spots like Moir Hut, revealing parts of Kilimanjaro less seen.
  • Generally, results in a higher Kilimanjaro Success Rate due to improved acclimatization.

Why Climbers Love the 8-Day Option?

Choosing the 8-day Lemosho Route elevates your chances of success and ensures that every moment of your climb contributes to a memorable adventure.

  • High Success Rate:The extra day greatly enhances acclimatization, increasing the likelihood of reaching the summit.
  • Balanced Pace:Allows for a more relaxed climb, letting you fully absorb the beauty of Kilimanjaro’s diverse landscapes.
  • Additional Attractions:Offers the chance to explore unique locations like Moir Hut, revealing parts of the mountain that are often missed by those on a tighter schedule.

Deciding Between 7 or 8 Days

When determining the length of your climbing Kilimanjaro adventure via the Lemosho Route, several factors should influence your decision:

  • Physical Fitness: Assess whether you’re in shape for a quick ascent.
  • Experience with Altitude: Previous high-altitude treks can inform your choice.
  • Scenic Appreciation: Consider if immersing yourself in the mountain’s vistas is a priority.
  • Acclimatization: Knowing how your body reacts to altitude can dictate the need for an extra day.

Ultimately, the decision depends on how well you know your body’s response to higher elevations and your climbing objectives.

Kilimanjaro Climb: Choosing Your Adventure

Deciding between the 7-day and 8-day options on the Lemosho Route comes down to your climbing goals and constraints.

8-Day Journey

The 8-Day Lemosho Route is ideal if you have the time and desire to fully experience Kilimanjaro’s splendour. This option provides an additional day for acclimatization, enhancing both your enjoyment and summit success chances.

7-Day Trek

The 7-Day Lemosho Route is suitable for those with less time or prior experience with high altitudes, offering a quicker, yet still impactful, ascent.

Regardless of the duration you choose, each offers a unique way to experience the awe-inspiring landscapes and the personal challenge of reaching Africa’s highest point.

Concluding Thoughts

As you prepare to Climb Kilimanjaro, consider what you seek from the experience. Is it the challenge of the climb, the scenic beauty of the landscapes, or the thrill of standing atop Africa’s highest peak?

Whatever your motivation, choosing the right path on the Lemosho Route will set the stage for a remarkable adventure.

Train diligently, pack wisely, and step forward with confidence, ready to embrace the journey to Uhuru Peak. Happy climbing to the Roof of Africa!


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