7 Things to Check Before You Book Your Bus Ticket

7 Things to Check Before You Book Your Bus Ticket

7 Things to Check Before You Book Your Bus Ticket


All excited to book your bus ticket to visit your favourite destination and spend an awesome holiday? But wait, let’s not be in a hurry as there are a lot of things you must be aware of before you book your bus ticket to make your journey smooth and memorable. Because no one would like to face any kind of hurdles, be it pre or post service. So, to ensure a safe and happy journey, make sure you check the following whether you are booking your bus tickets online from a bus booking app or offline through an agent. Knowing all this will also help you choose the best bus service.

Ratings and Reviews 

You cannot book anything without going through reviews and ratings. These are customer testimonials who have already used the services and have given feedback based on their experiences. So, go on the internet, search for the buses you are booking tickets for, and then read all the positive as well as negative reviews. This will help you make your decision faster without regretting it later. Check on a scale of 5, how much the majority have rated the service.


Imagine you are travelling on a bus and your phone battery drains out but you realise there is no charging socket near your seat. Wouldn’t you get frustrated in such a situation and feel angry? Of course, no doubt about that! So, to save yourself from such a situation, make sure you are checking up on all the facilities available on the bus. Ensure they are providing every basic thing that you would require during your journey. Nowadays,buses have free Wi-Fi, toilet facilities, charging points, and a lot more for their customers.

Check Whether It is Sanitised or Not 

A lot of things have changed post covid. From our daily lifestyle to travelling, everything has witnessed a certain change. Nowadays people look forward to travelling in safe and secure places and hence, they look for sanitised buses, cabs, etc. So, make sure the bus you are going to travel with is following all the covid protocols and is properly sanitised, ranging from seats to other toilets.

Check Pick Up and Drop off Stations 

It is extremely important to double-check your pick-up and drop-off points. Check whether these points are closer to where you live and where you are headed to. Usually, buses have more than two boarding and dropping stations. Carefully select the one that is more convenient to you, especially when you are booking your bus ticket online on a bus booking app like Goibibo.

Check If It Is Cashless 

Today, in the era of the internet where you can send or receive any amount of money in a single click, people have stopped carrying cash and have embraced digital payments with open arms. And if you are someone who never keeps cash with you, make sure the bus you are travelling with is cashless. Moreover, people have become more cautious in public places and conscious of their health post covid.

Tracking Facility 

You wouldn’t want to get yourself on time at the boarding point and then realise your bus is 2 hours late. That’s why make sure the bus you are travelling with has a tracking facility so that you know exactly where your bus is and what time it will reach a certain location. Moreover, if you are booking a bus for someone else, like your daughter or son or anybody close to you, you would be able to keep an eye on their location and feel safe.

Cancellation and Refundable Policy

Refundable and cancellation policies are very horrible at times. There are dozens of bus agencies that charge a 100% cancellation fee, whether you are cancelling your tickets a week before or a day before. So, make sure you do not get trapped by such bus operators. While booking your tickets, do enquire about the cancellation charges. If you are booking online, do check how much time it would take to get your money refunded to your account. Usually, it is recommended to only go with buses that do not charge more than 50% if you cancel anytime between 12 to 24 hours from bus departure.


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