What Are The Benefits Of Staying In An Old Age Home In Kerala?

What Are The Benefits Of Staying In An Old Age Home In Kerala?

What Are The Benefits Of Staying In An Old Age Home In Kerala?


An old age home is a retirement home or multi-residence housing facility which is intended for the elderly. Old age home in Kochi has apartment-style rooms or suites of rooms for the guests.

We offer additional facilities, including facilities for gathering, meals, recreation activities, along with some form of health care.

Purpose of old age home

Old age homes provide food and places for people to live. The retirement homes in Kerala are much more than just a shelter for senior citizens. They are more like a luxurious retreat to spend their days.

There are a lot of old age homes in Kerala for you to choose from. Simply browse to get the list of old age homesin Kerala, and choose the right one for you or your parents.

Who needs an old age home in Kerala?

  • Affluent people who need support with ADL but do not have any trustworthy help.
  • Aged people whose children live in the USA or Canada, managing the hospitalization of their parents, performing daily chores, repairing motors, and paying the bills is quite troublesome.
  • When a couple taking care of their old mom or dad needs to go for a vacation or attend a wedding etc. needs a safe place as respite care.
  • People working in the Middle East need to settle down in Kerala, looking for a luxury retirement place.
  • They can invest in an apartment, for which we will find a tenant, rent out, and they earn better than bank interest till they decide to move in. They can also stay here when they come during vacations.
  • People from the USA, Canada, North Indian states, etc., get really cold and wish to spend time in Kerala during winters.
  • Retirement homes are ideal for vacation as any medical emergencies will be met.

Benefits of Old Age Home retirement homes in Kerala

There are several benefits to living in old age homes. People residing there enjoy the companionship of others of their age groups, security, safety, and medical assistance at a reasonable cost.

It’s not difficult to find an old age home of your choice. You can run a location-specific search like the old age home in Trivandrum with modern, comfortable rooms and food and other beautiful facilities and a better lifestyle at a reasonable cost.

  • For elderly guests, a reputed old age home tries to offer the best domestic facilities.
  • Old age homes like Travancore Foundation also arrange for spiritual and cultural activities for their homely feelings.
  • They have all good doctors to take special care of their physical and mental problems.
  • They arrange for annual group tours for their physical and mental fitness.

Facilities of Luxury Old Age Home like Travancore Foundation

  • Travancore Foundation, an Old age home in Kerala, offers regular health checkups and specialists and reputed doctors counselling.
  • They conduct meditation sessions, physical exercises, pranayam and prayers.
  • They arrange for several entertainment facilities.
  • They have a good library with all types of books.
  • They have a special care unit for Parkinson patients.
  •   Old age home in Kochihas facilities for bedridden patients and a boarding facility.

They have luxuriously built, fully serviced and furnished rooms with beds, laminated wooden floors, side tables, Flat-screen TV, bookshelves, study table, built-in cupboard, coffee, and outdoor tables with adequate chairs, to mention. The toilets have all state-of-the-art fittings. The furnished pantry has overhead cabinets, stainless steel sink, drawers, electric kettles, refrigerator, and micro oven. Other important things to mention are

  • Senior-friendly architecture
  • Wheelchairs and walker enabled spaces & ramps
  • Spacious lifts to accommodate stretchers
  • Wide corridors and doorways for wheelchairs to swerve
  • Higher electrical outlets and lower electrical switches
  • Bathrooms with grab bars, adjustable height showerheads, and wheelchair-accessible showers
  • User-friendly door handles for people with arthritis
  • 24 hrs manned gate with intercom and high boundary walls
  • Electronic surveillance and CCTV for safety
  • Emergency button in all rooms and frequently occupied areas
  • 24×7 ambulance, attendant and emergency healthcare
  • Visiting doctors and specialists on call
  • 24 hrs ambulance and trained nurses round the clock
  • Diet chart prepared by specialists
  • Intensive rehabilitation program
  • Housekeeping and round the clock male and female attendant


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