Discover How You can Create a Simple Hair Care Routine for Dandruff

Discover How You can Create a Simple Hair Care Routine for Dandruff

Discover How You can Create a Simple Hair Care Routine for Dandruff


Dandruff is that nagging problem which can rear its ugly head at the wrong moment. You don’t want to be out and about, constantly dusting your shoulder and claiming that it’s suddenly snowing in the summer.

And you’re not alone – Dandruff affects almost half of the people across the world. This is why you’ll find various tips on designing the best hair care routine for dandruff prevention

What is dandruff?

It’s a common scalp problem that is caused by a naturally occurring fungus, Malassezia Globosa, feeding on any excessive oil on your head. Build-up of oil is quite common and an over-production can be triggered by hormonal imbalances, stress, weather fluctuations and even a poor hair care routine.

If you don’t manage these oil levels, the fungus can break it down into oleic acid that you might be reactive towards. This can cause dandruffon your head, with symptoms such as itchy scalp, redness and white-yellow flakes of dead skin cells.

Dandruff hair care routine

Here are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the effect of dandruff and leave you with healthy hair:

1. Anti dandruff shampoo

These are products that have been built to attack the causes of dandruff. They contain ingredients that can reduce the impact of the fungus and clean any excess oil. Like the Head and Shoulders Lemon Fresh, whichgets rid of dandruff causing germs, deep cleanses, and provides scalp hygiene.

2. Wash regularly

Infrequent washing of your hair can lead to a build-up of products, oil and germs, which can aggravate your dandruff. Even excessive washing can dry out your scalp and lead to over-production of oil – Both these situations are not healthy. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week on average.

3. Avoid hot water

Although hot showers can be relaxing, it can also potentially damage your scalp. Hot water can remove natural oils from your hair, making it susceptible to germs and infections. Use warm or cool water instead, especially during cold weather.

4. Condition

Using conditioners on your hair can be beneficial for dandruff. It can open knots and smooth out your hair strands, thereby releasing any oil blockages. This allows the scalp oil to flow down your strands and not build-up. You can also use products like the Head and Shoulder 2 in 1 Smooth and Silky, which gives you the benefits of an anti dandruff shampoo and conditioner in one.

5. Rinse your hair

This might be considered too obvious to state, but in our busy days we often forget to rinse our hair thoroughly. This can leave behind small amounts of product on thehead which can aggravate your dandruff. Massaging the scalp can also dislodge any product and increase blood circulation.

6. Avoid harsh chemicals

Reactions to the variety of chemicals found in hair products is extremely common, especially with hair dye. These can potentially damage your hair and scalp, leaving it vulnerable. Always use fewer products, don’t mix too many together, and conduct a patch test.

7. Heat styling

Don’t add heat into the mix with straighteners, curlers, and blow dryers. These can suddenly increase the temperature on your scalp, which can create a domino effect towards excess oil production. Use them at lower temperature settings or get rid of them.

8. Night routine

Getting enough sleep is important in regulating your body, but you also need to create a hair care routine for the night. Don’t go to bed with wet hair and find a healthy hair mask to use. You can create hair masks from coconut oil, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, lemon juice, and many more ingredients. These can also work as dry scalp remedies.

9. Lifestyle

Eat healthy, sleep well, meditate, work out, and find ways to reduce your stress. All of these are integral aspects of creating an effective dandruff hair care routine.

If you feel like your problems are getting worse, always visit a dermatologist.


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