Evan Bass Men’s Clinic Focuses on How Andropause Differs from Menopause

Evan Bass Men’s Clinic Focuses on How Andropause Differs from Menopause

Evan Bass Men’s Clinic Focuses on How Andropause Differs from Menopause


While common people term it as ‘male menopause’, andropause defines the stretched and gradual condition experienced by men due to a decline in their testosterone, the male sex hormone levels. Though menopause is a natural phenomenon faced by every woman, andropause does not affect all men in the same way which means, they may undergo the phase on a varying scale. According to Evan Bass Men’s Clinic, unlike menopause in females, andropause does not also cause infertility in men. To explore more about andropause, its frustrating symptoms, its solution how it differs from female menopause continue reading.

The Symptoms of Andropause  

Low libido

Testosterone plays a major role in maintaining sex drive in men. Hence, experiencing lower libido than usual is a major sign of andropause or any other health condition. The low-T often leads to erectile dysfunction making a person helpless to get or maintain an erection.


The testosterone level regulates one’s mental state or mood. Therefore declining of testosterone is likely to cause depression. The depressed state may manifest in the form of feelings including irritability, emptiness, frustration, etc. that affect the focusing power of a person. Persistent depression tends to be a sign of andropause or any other reason.

Difficulty sleeping 

Given that testosterone has a vital role in regulating sleep patterns, low T due to andropause can contribute to difficulty sleeping. Consequently, it can lead to irritability, trouble focusing, daytime drowsiness, etc.

Fatigue and low energy 

Those who struggle their life with andropause tend to feel fatigued which is also a consequence of disturbed sleep during the night. On the other hand, the decline of testosterone level can have a monumental impact on one’s energy level.

Abdominal fat

Excess abdominal fat is a major sign of andropause. As testosterone drops below the normal level, it slows down metabolism. Because of this, accumulation of fat around the tummy is found very common in this age group.

Lack of bone density

Testosterone is responsible for maintaining bone density. As a result, those who develop andropause may experience a lack of bone density causing osteoporosis. A condition under which bones turn to be fragile and brittle become prone to fracture

Menopause vs. Andropause 

When it comes to how andropause differentiates from menopause, there are three major differences between these conditions experienced by women and men

  1. The decline in the female hormone responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle takes place at a speedy pace making andropause come to an end for a lifetime. This sudden change in female life manifests with numerous symptoms signifying the onset of menopause. On the contrary, andropause arrives in men’s lives gradually and often so subtly that symptoms are experienced at a slow pace over time.
  2. As stated, menopause is a natural happening faced by every single woman mostly at the threshold of age 40-45. However, in rare cases, it may occur in some women at elderly age too (known as late menopause) However, male menopause doesn’t upset all men. In general, the symptoms of andropause onset in men as they reach age 50, and the decline of testosterone level may even stand close to 50% by age 70.
  3. Termination of menstruation and ovulation stage makes women infertile. However, under the andropause stage men even with a minimal level of testosterone can give birth to a child.

Consult with Doctor

For those who undergo one or more of the above symptoms, make sure to consult at medical clinics like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic. On listening to the concerns, doctors may suggest for blood test to pinpoint the underlying reason. To mitigate the symptoms of andropause, the doctor may recommend testosterone replacement therapy as an effective solution.


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