Common Misunderstandings on Marijuana Drug Testing

Common Misunderstandings on Marijuana Drug Testing

Common Misunderstandings on Marijuana Drug Testing


Over the past several years, there has been a considerable change in the way individuals feel about marijuana, as it has been legalized in many states. Many feel that cannabis should now be removed from drug testing in the workplace, arguing that use outside of work should not have any work-related repercussions.

However, there are several common misunderstandings about marijuana testing. One of the largest ones is that using cannabis is less harmful than alcohol consumption.  The impairment level of marijuana versus alcohol is still disputed as the consequences differ between folks more with cannabis than with liquor. Impacts may transform because of indulgence, variations of smoking tactics, and various absorptions. Nevertheless, both matters damage mental and motor skills.

 A study of 60 analyses found that cannabis causes handicaps in each performance region that may sensibly be linked with secure driving of a car, such as following, motor coordination, ocular duties, and especially difficult duties that need split focus. Management should be worried about their staff using any matter that could endanger safety at work.

Furthermore, devices to measure impairment by liquor, such as a Breath Alcohol Test, are utilized by employers now to stop deterioration while at work.  There’s not a device currently that tracks handicaps from cannabis, and as a result, most workplaces have a zero-toleration policy in effect where lawfully permissible.

Cannabis legalization in many states doesn’t spontaneously suggest that it’s harmless to use the drug in every condition, specifically while at work. Various states possess legitimate exemptions enabling the management of marijuana testing safety-sensitive staff for cannabis, and every state is subject to federal DOT testing protocol for covered workers. Additionally, legal matters such as liquor and prescription medicines may still pose as harmful when utilized recklessly or in some work atmospheres.

As all states have different cannabis rules, finding a drug testing policy might prove to be difficult. However, to have the best marijuana testing policies, your company should consider the following:

Educate your staff about the possible risks linked with cannabis use and how it impacts job safety. Using correct data and encouraging open conversation, workplaces may assist their staff in making accountable decisions that promote safety and productivity.

Supervisors should also be trained on reasonable suspicion drug testing. Reasonable suspicion drug testing lets employers administerdrug testing to staff under straightforward scrutiny and supported by proof of the staff’s drug. Recording performances and conduct that can lead to reasonable suspicion can assist in supporting the claim in the event of any adverse action you might take.

If you are in the Clearwater area and would like to learn more about marijuana testing for your company, Peace of Mind would like to speak with you. Besides workplace drug testing, this company offers DOT testing, urine drug testing, DNA testing, and much more.


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