An Ultimate Guide in Choosing Engagement Ring Style in Plano

An Ultimate Guide in Choosing Engagement Ring Style in Plano

An Ultimate Guide in Choosing Engagement Ring Style in Plano


Engagement rings are special therefore the time and effort exerted to find the perfect one should be enough so you can pick the perfect engagement ring for your partner. Having a list of details for the engagement ring you are looking for can help a lot once you start shopping. The main thing to consider when buying an engagement ring is the store you will be buying from and the quality of the diamond you want to buy. Buying an engagement ring in Plano can be a good choice since it can be convenient for you and since you don’t need to go far to find the engagement ring you are looking for. Here are some factors to consider when buying an engagement ring:

Understanding the 4Cs

The 4cs is the main feature diamonds are evaluated with, therefore getting familiar with it can come in handy once you do your engagement ring shopping. The center stone of the diamond is the main element of the engagement ring and is often made of diamond. Make sure to have a list of the exact grades that you want on your diamond here are some tips regarding the 4cs that can help you decide faster:


Colorless diamonds are pricey and rare so don’t aim for them. Instead, go to the nest grades which are the nearly colorless ones that range from grade G to J, they are the best replacement for colorless diamonds since they have no yellow tints that can be obvious on the diamond. They are available and they are more affordable than colorless diamonds. 


The Clarity of the diamond is graded according to the number of inclusions it has, inclusions are flaws created when they are formed. The lesser inclusions the better, as long as the inclusions are not visible to the naked eye and won’t affect the brilliance of the diamond then they are good enough. 


Take note that diamonds are pierced per carat, so make sure to choose a good carat that is perfect for your engagement ring. The best way to choose a good carat is to choose a diamond that is below the whole number. For instance, a 0.96-carat diamond is far much cheaper than a 1.0-carat diamond. They have small differences in size but the price difference can range from a few hundred or even a thousand!


When it comes to the diamond city make sure to make it your priority. Diamonds with an excellent cut can last longer and are not prone to chipping or breaking. So pick a store with a skilled diamond cutter so you can invest in a good cut diamond. 

Which Ring Metal Should You Choose?

Metals are essential for your fiance’s engagement ring. They are to secure and protect your diamond, so choose a good metal with high durability and one that matches your future bride’s skin tone. In this way, she can have a durable as well as a presentable engagement ring. 

Find Your Size

Wearing a loose or tight engagement ring won’t make women happy. Know her exact ring finger measurement by checking in her rings secretly or finding other ways to get her ring size if you are planning to have a surprise proposal. You can also ask her friend to get them for you or you can also ask your jeweler if the settings of your engagement ring are adaptable to resizing so you can have the exact measurement after the proposal. 

Ring Inspiration

Get inspiration from your future bride’s fashion statements, since she will be the one wearing the ring, and make the ring features more personalized by using the elements that match her liking. Be observant of the jewelry she wears so you can get an idea of what she prefers for her ring. Then prepare a layout, if you can sketch it will be better. If not you can ask a professional to make the layout for you so you can present this to your jeweler who will be creating your dream engagement ring into a reality. 

Having an ultimate guide in choosing engagement ring style in Plano is better than just simply hopping to a diamond store and choosing among the rings available there. Make your partner feel loved by allocating enough time and effort to getting her a special engagement ring that matches her preference. 


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