Luxury Watch Maintenance: Simple Ways to Increase the Lifespan of Your Watch

Luxury Watch Maintenance: Simple Ways to Increase the Lifespan of Your Watch

Luxury Watch Maintenance: Simple Ways to Increase the Lifespan of Your Watch


Buying a luxury watch is a considerable investment that you need to safeguard. Many elements and factors can damage your precious watches, such as shocks, high temperatures, UV radiation, dust, and dirt. Most watchmakers have often improvised ways to avoid and prevent such elements from damaging the watch es. This includes ensuring they have sealed and introduced shockproof safeguard the watch. However, you play a significant role in ensuring your watch works efficiently and protects from any bad happening. If you are considering watches for women, you must start buying them from a reputable dealer and proceed with routine maintenance procedures to ensure your watch will stay in the right shape. If you are unsure how to take care of your watch, don’t panic. This blog will explore tips to maintain your luxury watch.


You must take care of your watch, especially when not using it. If you have a luxury watch, keep it in a watch box or case that helps protect it from moisture, potential damage, and dust. Always watch away from extreme temperatures, magnetic fields, and direct sunlight since they can affect its functionality and accuracy. If you are using mechanical watches, you might consider winding and setting the time before you store them for an extended time which helps to keep their internal mechanism in good condition. Consider a watch winder to keep your automatic watch running well and tell the correct time for the automatic watches. It’s crucial to ensure you have the right equipment for your watch, and when storing it, place it face up to avoid damaging it.

Wind Your Watch

Constantly lubricating is one of the best ways to ensure your watch is working effectively. When looking for a lubricant, you must ensure it’s long-lasting, enabling your watch to work longer and better. The winding helps to spread the lubricant and keeps it working. However, you don’t need to do the winding every day; instead, you can schedule winding them up every once a month. Most watches are adjusted at full wind. This can lead to isochronism error as the mainspring uncoils. A slight mistake can lead to less accuracy. If you are winding manually, you need to wind consistently at the same time each day to avoid any errors occurring. You can schedule to do it in the morning of the day of your choice.

When you wind your watch, you should avoid doing it on your wrist. Most people will often tilt the crown side of the watch up, which creates pressure on the stem and can lead to breakage or a bend. Lastly, when winding, take time and look for favorable conditions. This aids in avoiding wounding your watch in areas that could risk it.

Clean Your Watch Regularly

Cleaning your watch helps eliminate dust and other debris that might affect the value of your luxury watch. When cleaning, utilize a soft cloth or microfiber to wipe down the case and the band to remove dust or dirt. If your crown is entirely secure, you can use a little water. You can use mild soap and water to remove all the stubborn stains that may be present. However, you must avoid using these substances on fabric straps or leather as they can damage them. If your watch is water-resistant, you can consider rinsing it in lukewarm water but avoid the crown to remove dust. You can also use a soft brush to remove stubborn stains. However, you must refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific cleaning recommendation and products you can use.

Regular Servicing

If you have a luxury watch, you must consider servicing it regularly to ensure it’s effective and running smoothly. Servicing helps ensure you prevent future damages that might occur. For example, if you are using a mechanical watch, you must service it after every 3 to 5 years by a certified watchmaker to ensure optimal performance. During the servicing, the watchmaker will inspect and clean the external and internal components, lubricate the movement, check for potential issues, and help adjust the accuracy. Regular servicing will help boost your watch’s longevity, allowing you to protect your investment.

Water Resistance

If your watch is water-resistant, read the manufacturer’s menu to note its water resistance rating. Most water resistance is rated in atmospheres (ATM) or meters, indicating the level of protection against water. The water resistance feature is not often permanent and can diminish with time. If you soak your watch in the water, you might damage it when the water resistance feature has depleted. Also, follow the menu and learn how long the water resistance will last to prepare for the worst. On the other hand, if your watch is not designed for water resistance, avoid exposing it to water. Another precaution is never to operate the buttons or crown while the water is submerged or wet, as it can compromise the water-resistant seal.

Avoid Extreme Conditions

Another incredible way to care for your watch is not subject it to extreme conditions that can potentially damage it. This includes high temperatures that can affect your lubricants, leading to a complete failure in movement or reduced accuracy. Exposing your watch to extremely low temperatures can make it thicken your lubricants. It can also reduce your battery life which can inconvenience you. Other conditions to avoid exposing your watch include solid magnetic fields since they can interfere with the movement precision leading to the wrong time.

Bracelet and Strap Care

If your watch has leather straps, you must protect it from excessive sunlight and moisture since they can deteriorate the leather. When cleaning your leather straps use conditioner designed for leather to prevent cracking and to keep the strap supple. If you have a metal bracelet, remove oils and dirt by soaking them in warm unctuous water and scrub gently with a soft brush. Proceed to rinse thoroughly and dry with a cloth to prevent water spots.

Final Thoughts!

A well-cared watch will retain its beauty and perform optimally. It’s critical to ensure you read the manufactures menu to note the particular requirement in terms of cleaning and storage. This will ensure that your timepiece remains pristine for years hence an excellent investment for your future. Don’t forget to go for regular servicing from a reputable, experienced watchmaker.


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