Roger Wolfson Points Out The 3 Key Habits of Successful Screenwriters

Roger Wolfson Points Out The 3 Key Habits of Successful Screenwriters

Roger Wolfson Points Out The 3 Key Habits of Successful Screenwriters


Screenwriting is no easy task. It is not just writing, but you need to go the extra mile to create the right screenplay for success. Several failed professionals will tell you screenwriting is not what it appears to be. There is a lot of rejection and handling of unsold, unproduced, and even unread screenplays before they even bag their first chance. If you are really serious about becoming a screenwriter, you need to be very serious, committed, and never quit.

Roger Wolfson – What does it take for you to become a good screenwriter?

Roger Wolfson is a strong name to reckon with in the entertainment and political arena in the USA. He is a multi-talented individual who is a TV writer, scriptwriter, speechwriter, advocate, and activist for animal rights and services. He says that in order to become successful in the movie and TV industry, you need to first get trained. Screenwriting is not like ordinary creative writing. It deals with everything not relevant to the character. Scriptwriting focuses on the character, whereas screenwriting concentrates on things that are related to the movie like set setting, special effects, and more. You need to know the technical differences first. You should know how to format your writing along with the rules. So, get a mentor and watch TV programs like a writer, not a viewer. You will excel with time, so start practicing now.

3 Habits to cultivate

He lays down the following habits to cultivate if you really want to become successful at screenplays-

  1. Give the project everything you have– Every project is new to you. Treat it like the project of your dreams. Focus hard and work with dedication. You need to be passionate about the project and always work in such a way like no one really knows you. This will curb off arrogance and over-confidence.
  1. Practice and remain productive daily– In order to be productive daily, you must practice. In case you do not master your craft, you will never become an integral part of the movie-making industry. Write daily. This can even be personal. In case you get the writer’s block syndrome, look at some great screenplays to bounce back.
  1. Take breaks regularly– In order to be at your productive best, you must ensure you take frequent breaks. If you do not take breaks, you will not be able to sustain the quality of writing. It is good to have a hobby as this allows you to do something that you really love. In this way, you can refresh your mind and body. Go out, watch a movie, or simple exercise in an open space to divert your mind and rejuvenate.

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In the opinion of Roger Wolfson to be a good screenwriter, be prepared to go the extra mile daily. Write for yourself and be creative. Make sure you are organized in your work. Messy desks and things kept in an untidy way will not help you churn out your best. Keep your thoughts and everything around you in order. In this way, you are sure to taste the sweet fruits of success soon.


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