How Does Silk Promote Better Sleep?

How Does Silk Promote Better Sleep?

How Does Silk Promote Better Sleep?


Due to discomfort in sleeping, many people struggle to get a restful night. If you have experienced many sleepless nights, it’s high time you switch to silk bedding and get luxurious comfort.

Silk sheets let you dose off easily and add an aesthetic essence to your comfort space. Pure 22 Mulberry silk bedding is a perfect solution to get you a good night’s slumber. Along with getting numerous perks, you get a luxe feel while enjoying the beautiful sleeping hours.

If you don’t know the benefits of silk bedding, this article will acquaint you with the magical benefits of silk bedding for uninterrupted sleep.

The Bright Side of Sleeping on Silk Bedding

If you feel difficulty kipping down quickly, you can go for silk bedding that lets you snuggle in comfort for better sleep. Here are the benefits of silk bedding:

  • Silky and Shiny Hair

When you sleep on ordinary bedding, it may create friction against your hair. The pulling and tugging of your hair can be painful, and you fail to find the desired comfort for a beautiful sleeping experience.

Sleeping on cotton sheets absorbs the moisture from your hair, leaving them dull and dry. Moreover, synthetics lock in heat and can irritate your skin as well.

Conversely, silk bedding paired with soft silk bedding lets your skin stay nourished and hydrated. It also prevents wrinkles, and you wake up refreshed and lively.

If you toss & turn due to pulling off your hair, silk bedding prevents hair breakage.

  • Repels Dust and Allergens

The beauty of silk is not only confined to imparting a rich & regal feel but goes beyond to offer you a restful sleep. Unlike other bedding, silk efficiently repels creepy crawlies, mites, and moulds and promotes healthy sleep. If you are an allergy sufferer, silk bedding is also favourable for you. Tailored out of pure 22 Mulberry silk, these bedding can prevent the worsening of this situation. Being naturally hypoallergenic, it acts as a barrier to prevent your skin from coming in contact with dust mites.

  • Optimises Temperature

When you sleep on silk sheets, it automatically optimises the temperature to offer you cosy comfort for better sleep. Silk bedding is perfect for year-round comfort. If the temperature increases, silk wicks the moisture away and creates a cooling sensation around for a soothing sleeping time. Silk possesses temperature-regulating properties, and you get a beautiful sleeping experience the whole night.

Silk Bedding – Unrivaled Comfort to Sleep Peacefully!

Comfort to Sleep

If you wonder if bedding can make a difference in a sleeping experience, then you must go for silk sheets. After knowing several brands closely, we found Mayfairsilk to be the best to offer premium quality silk bedding.

Bringing you luxurious comfort, this brand produces 22 momme pure Mulberry silk bedding and 25 momme silk pillowcases to promote healthy sleep. They offer chemical-free products that are OEKO-TEK Certified 100. Moreover, they have bagged multiple awards, including ‘Global Excellence Awards 2021’, ‘Business and ‘Beauty Awards 2022’.

After a successful venture in the UK, Mayfairsilk is now expanding into the Middle East and the USA with its premium silk products.

For making endless choices for luxury and comfort, explore the silk collection at


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