Risk Factors Associated With Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorder

Risk Factors Associated With Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorder

Risk Factors Associated With Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorder


Addiction and mental health are co-related to each other, but it remains unclear whether drug or alcohol use causes or is a symptom of mental health disorder. Both addiction and mental health problems share risk factors and individuals diagnosed with the latter are more likely to get addicted to alcohol or drugs.

However, everyone who suffers with mental health problems doesn’t need to find solace in alcohol or drugs.Co-occurring disorders are responsible for altering and depleting your mood, motivation, sleep, and pleasure for which you need to get treated in a good rehab center.

Detox to Rehab helps individuals who are suffering simultaneously from mental health issues and substance abuse disorder through discussions, videos, and articles. They provide support in understanding their problems helping them to move ahead on their road to recovery. Emanuel Hospital in Portland, OR is one of the best rehab centers in the directory of Detox to Rehab that offers treatment services based on mental health issues through their inpatient program. Visit this rehab center for yourself or any of your loved ones who have been suffering from both mental health issues and substance abuse disorders.

Common Symptoms Of Co-Occurring Disorders

  • Depression includes an extreme lack of motivation and a feeling of joy in life.
  • Anxiety disorders make individuals feel in a fight or flight situation that just doesn’t go off.
  • Bipolar disorder includes maniac feelings and depression making life scary and unpredictable.
  • Post-traumatic disorders make the person emotional with flashbacks of a traumatic experience.
  • Personality disorders in which individuals struggle to control their emotions and relationships with others.

Mental health issues are the cause of unwanted feelings and demotivating thoughts that would make your life difficult and might force you to turn to addiction to alcohol and drugs. Seek help at a rehab center for proper support and treatment to change and lead a happy life.


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