Top 9 Countries with Cheap Flight Tickets from India

Top 9 Countries with Cheap Flight Tickets from India

Top 9 Countries with Cheap Flight Tickets from India


Let’s face it: Everyone loves getting cheap flight tickets. But hey, it’s not that simple with airfares fluctuations by every hour. These fluctuations are driven by movements in fuel prices or currency conversion rates. Don’t worry!

Fortunately, there’s still a way to get cheap domestic flights or international ones. We’ve done some legwork and put together a list of countries with cheap flight tickets. Here, take a look:

1. Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most visited countries by Indians. It is mainly due to its easy visa process and some great deals on flight tickets.

Since the country is on the south-eastern side of India, the probability of getting cheap rates from one of the cities in the south and east India is very high. The right city and the right budget airline will surely provide you with some attractive deals that you definitely won’t be able to resist.

2. Myanmar

Myanmar lets you experience the simple joys of life. Perhaps, like a drift down the river in a cruiser, trek through the pine forests of Shan Hills, or even play on the beach of the blissful Bay of Bengal.

While travellers often crowd Malaysia for its beauty, they also simply can’t resist its affordable flight tickets. That’s why Myanmar sees a lot of visitors all throughout the year.

3. Turkey

You will find Turkey’s 100 years old buildings, artifacts sarcophaguses, and ancient amphitheatres pretty impressive when you’re flying cheap.

With the reasonably priced flight options from Istanbul, you wouldn’t have to worry about the tickets. This is simply because Istanbul is a place where airfare bargains get you far fewer pricey tickets than most other places in the area.

4. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

From riding on desert safaris to standing on the top of Burj Khalifa, UAE is one of the most popular destinations for leisure and budget travellers. People get to witness the riches of the country and its unique culture- all at an affordable rate.

5. South Korea

From Buddhist temples to authentic Korean BBQs to beautiful beaches and nonstop nightlife, South Korea has it all on a budget. It’s an unexplored destination, where you can enjoy food and cultural tours, museum visits, and mud wrestling too without burning a hole in your pockets.

6. Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination for Indian backpackers. It is known for its street food, nightlife, beaches, islands, and the list goes on and on. It is one of those countries which everyone wants to visit at least once. Do you know why? It is simply due to its cheap flight tickets and affordable lifestyle!

7. Oman

Oman might not be the name that you’re looking for but hey, believe us it is one of the must-visit places in the world. Primarily due to its grand mosques, spectacular mountain views, vibrant souks, and white-sand beaches. The best part is it all be seen at an extremely affordable price.

8. Indonesia

It is one of the largest archipelago states in the world that is the go-to destination for Indians as it provides all kinds of recreational activities at a cheaper rate.

9. Sri Lanka

What makes Sri Lanka a perfect tourist destination is its golden beaches and brumous mountains. If that’s not it then perhaps the magnificent past, warm smiles, and super cheap prices that could add up to make it a perfect travellers retreat.

With this list of foreign destinations, you can easily travel without burning a hole in your pocket. Remember the mantra for a cheap international vacation is to find the cheapest flight rates. Happy traveling!


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