Not just playing, this is how to make money from online games

Not just playing, this is how to make money from online games

Not just playing, this is how to make money from online games


In this digital era, many people try their luck to make money in an anti-mainstream way. One of them is by playing online games .

But a gamer may sometimes forget the most important thing, namely the strategy to make money from playing games. So, they just play continuously without making a penny.

Not only as long as you play, there are several strategies that need to be considered to actually make money from online games, what are they? The following is a review as reported by The Street.

1. Become a Streamer on YouTube

One way to make money from Slot Online games is to become a streamer on YouTube with a channel that has been linked to the Google AdSense affiliate program. Every gamer knows PewDiePie, he is the most famous gaming YouTuber in the world. But, how did he get that famous?

In addition to regularly uploading the latest gaming content, he is also diligent in promoting his videos. Yes, even though he is no longer doing promotions because he has so many subscribers, but for novice game streamers, this promotion is very important, especially when coupled with the uniqueness of the content created.

2. Share Game Playing Tutorial

In addition to sharing game streaming content on YouTube, you can also make money by sharing other video content, one of which is about tutorials on playing games. This tutorial will certainly be of interest, especially for those who are still new to the world of gaming.

But make sure your YouTube channel is connected to Google AdSense. Meanwhile to make a lot of money, you also have to get a lot of people to see it because the more people who see it, the more money you get.

3. Participate in Game Competitions

The third way is to take part in online game competitions that are often held. If you manage to become one of the winners, your name will be more respected and there will even be an invitation to take part in other competitions.

But even though the competition is just playing games, don’t take it lightly. There are many pro gamers from all over the country and even the whole world who will destroy your dreams, so prepare your gaming skills carefully.

4. Cooperation with Sponsors

If you are already famous for having a lot of YouTube subscribers or being a pro gamer by winning various competitions, at this time there may be many sponsorship offers with gaming product manufacturers, such as gaming chairs, gaming headsets, computers, mice, cellphones, and so on.

You are asked to review their products while playing games and upload them to your YouTube channel or social media. Surely this will be a profitable source of additional income for you.

That’s the right way to make money playing online games . So it’s not just playing games, yes, but there are strategies or things that need attention.

Don’t let the case be like the case of a game enthusiast, Ciko. He was sure he could make money playing games, but until he graduated from college he continued to be a game enthusiast without making any money.


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